Stock Rover Overview

Current Version: V7.0

Stock Rover is a comprehensive investment research platform that runs in your Internet browser. Stock Rover contains detailed current and historical data covering financial, operational, price and analyst information for stocks, ETFs and funds listed on the major North American exchanges. With Stock Rover you can find, compare, analyse and track performance for individual stocks, funds and ETFs. You can also screen stocks and ETFs to find and rank promising investment candidates based on any investment criteria you like.

Stock Rover can track and analyze your portfolios. Portfolios can be manually entered, imported from spreadsheets or automatically synced with no work on your part via our brokerage connection facility. Beyond portfolios, Stock Rover also can maintain a variety of watchlists of tickers you are interested in tracking.

There are a myriad of other capabilities within Stock Rover such as real time alerts, portfolio analytics, correlation analysis, trade planning and rebalancing tools and a stock ratings facility.

Additional capabilities include comprehensive market information, market and stock news, a highly visual and powerful earnings calendar, investment articles, an investment ideas panel and an investor library stocked with easy to import resources such as screeners, additional metrics, guru portfolios and investment views to extend the capabilities Stock Rover for you.

The best way to learn Stock Rover is to use it and explore. We invite you peruse the following help resources to get familiar with Stock Rover and all of its capabilities.

There are two videos that introduce Stock Rover and demonstrate its features in action. The first video can be viewed here. The second video can be viewed here.

For further inspiration, please see our blog which contains many articles highlighting key product features and as well as a variety of investment articles.

Finally, if you have questions, feel free to contact our support group. They are ready, willing and able to help you get the most out of Stock Rover.


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