Charting Overview

The Chart is accessible by selecting one of the options under My Collections: Portfolios, Watchlists, Screeners, or World and then selecting the Chart icon in the Navigation Panel.

The Chart can be accessed by either selecting the Chart icon in the Navigation Panel or by selecting the All icon. With All selected it will appear at the bottom of the screen. The item selected in the table or left hand panel determines what is shown in the Chart.

The Chart

With All selected you can collapse or expand the Chart using the triangle icon in the top right, or you can click the box next to the triangle to maximize the panel, and Premium users can pop it into a new window by clicking the diagonal arrow icon.

The Chart

Stock Rover has powerful charting capabilities. You can chart price, chart over 100 fundamentals, and chart key technical indicators. You can baseline stocks too for easy relative performance comparison. You can chart macro entities such as screeners, portfolios, and watchlists. Charts can be displayed by price, percentage, logarithmic or candlesticks. Charts can include or exclude dividends. Events can be added to charts, such as buy/sells, dividends, splits, earnings events, and max drawdowns. You can export charts as images to take with you. The full capabilities of charting are described in the following sections.

Chart Sample

Charting Videos

There are several videos that introduce Stock Rover charting and demonstrate the full range of Stock Rover’s charting capabilities. The charting videos available are as follows:

Charting Basics

Comparison Charting

Advanced Charting

Ratio Charts

Types of Charts