The chart is displayed when viewing future income at the summary level and at the portfolio level. This is a graphical representation of future income below the table data. The summary level chart is shown below.

Future Income Summary Chart

The chart can be set to show future income by month or by quarter. The monthly chart is shown above. The buttons on the bottom of the chart select between monthly and quarterly display, with the month button highlighted.

You can also resize the chart by dragging on the size control as highlighted by the red arrow, shown above.

If you switch to the portfolio level, the chart changes to a representation that shows the contribution of each portfolio to the overall income total. Here is the same chart at the Portfolio level.

Future Income Portfolio Level Chart

Below is the same chart but in quarterly rather than monthly format.

Future Income Quarterly Chart

If you mouse over the bars in any of the charts, the tooltip will tell you the contribution of the portfolio for that period, as shown in the snippet below.

Future Income Chart Tooltip

Table Summary Level