Metric Overview

Stock Rover provides over 700 metrics that measure company performance across many different financial dimensions.

Stock Rover metrics cover areas such as financial statements, growth, profitability, financial strength, capital efficiency, price performance, momentum, dividends, analyst ratings, stock ratings, industry and sector deciles, and many more, including advanced metrics such as the Piotroski F-Score, Price to Graham Number, Shiller P/E, Margin of Safety, Beneish M-Score and the Altman-Z score.

Of the 700 metrics in Stock Rover, approximately 200 metrics can be charted. Each metric description will indicate if the metric is chartable or not.

You can use the Metrics navigation panel on the left to select a metric category of interest. From there you can then see all of the individual metrics within the category.

You can also use the Metric Browser to find metric categories and metrics of interest along with their characteristics and which plans they are available in for use within Stock Rover.

If you would like a printable list of all our metrics, please reference our metrics.pdf document.

If you have a Premium Plus subscription you can create custom metrics based on existing metrics. To help you learn more about Custom Metrics, we have created a guide for creating Custom Metrics. It is available in PDF and Word format. You can also refer to our help on Custom Metrics. To view a few example, please refer to the Custom Metrics help section.

If you don’t find the metrics you are looking for, you can email our Support Team at

Chartable Metrics Overview