Brokerage Connect Basics

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Stock Rover can connect to your brokerage firm(s) via Yodlee, a trusted cloud based account aggregator. Stock Rover will keep the positions in your Stock Rover portfolios in sync with your brokerage accounts. Connecting your Stock Rover account to your brokerage house(s) is the easiest way to keep your portfolios up to date.

Stock Rover currently has thousands of customer linked accounts and billions of dollars in linked funds. To learn more about how Stock Rover protects your data, click here.

When you connect your Stock Rover account to your brokerage accounts, details for each portfolio in your brokerage account are delivered and maintained in a Stock Rover portfolio. The linked portfolios in Stock Rover are updated nightly and they can be updated by your request at any time from within Stock Rover. The time listed under your brokerage name is the last time Yodlee contacted your brokerage. If you have green check next to your brokerage name, then you know the update was successful.

You can fully manage your brokerage connections after they have been added to Stock Rover, including designating which portfolios are linked.

You can also unlink individual portfolio accounts while remaining connected to your brokerage house. By default, all the portfolios in any brokerage house to which you connect (per user ID/password) will be added as a linked portfolio in Stock Rover.

Brokerage Connect is available to all Stock Rover users, though different limits apply, based on your plan. Note that Free users have the same limits as Essentials users.

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The information in the following help sections will show you how to connect to brokerage houses, change portfolio linkages, and remove accounts.

There is also a helpful video that illustrates how brokerage connection works.

Connecting to Brokerage Houses