Insight Panel Overview

The Insight Panel is accessible by selecting one of the options under My Collections: Portfolios, Watchlists, Screeners, or World and then selecting the Insight icon in the Navigation Panel. The Insight Panel can also be viewed by selecting the All icon. With All selected it will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. The item selected in the table or left-hand panel determines what is shown in the Insight Panel. You can change the ticker by clicking on another ticker in the list.

The Insight Panel

If you would like to change the set of tickers in the ticker list to a different data set, e.g. a different portfolio, watchlist or screener, or switch to the Quotes list or a to a list of stocks from an index, click on the pull down arrow to display the Navigation Panel and select the desired item you wish to display. The tickers listed will come from the new item you select.

Selecting ticker

The Insight Panel contains tools for researching stocks in depth. It also provides a section where context-aware links can be made to external research sites.

With All selected you can collapse or expand the Insight Panel using the triangle icon in the top right, or you can click the box next to the triangle to maximize the panel, and Premium users can pop it into a new window by clicking the diagonal arrow icon.


In order to fit a wide variety of information, the content of this panel is organized into 5 tabs, shown below. Depending on what is selected, different kinds of information will be available.

Includes an array of basic information about the company, including Scores, as well as data for Estimates, Growth, Profitability, and Financial Health, and other relevant data. If you mouse over the i under each section it will give more detail on what is available in each section. If a stock is loaded, it is where you go to find a link to that company’s homepage. It is also where you go to find external research links. When a portfolio is selected, it shows the portfolio allocation across sectors and equities. When a higher level item is selected (such as sector or index) it shows the top movers in the category.
Visuals is a fully user customizable display. Out-of-the-box Stock Rover ships with seven different tabs or sections under the Visuals tab of the Insight Panel. Each tab shows different information for the selected ticker. The seven tabs in order are: EPS, Dividends, Monthly Returns, History, Technicals, vs Peers and vs Industry
Shows pertinent news for the selected ticker. The organizations providing the news feeds can be specified as well.
Shows analyst data covering both ratings and estimates in a number of different categories. If anything other than a stock is selected, the Analysts tab will be greyed out.
This tab contains data for a selected stock like income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. There is also a summary statement which shows key data across all three statements. Statement data can quarterly, yearly or quarter vs. quarter over time. The data can displayed in $, % or % change from the previous period terms. If a stock is not loaded in the Insight panel, the Statements tab will be grayed out.

Summary Display