Data and Metrics

How are Fair Value and Margin of Safety calculated?
Which stocks are supported?
Where do you get your financial information from?
Are the metrics trailing twelve months (TTM) or the last fiscal year?
Do you use restated values in your financials?
Why don't your statement numbers match other sites?
Are the price quotes delayed?
Are the prices refreshed automatically?
How is the Summary Row calculated in the Table?
Can I print or export the Table?
When I try to export the S&P 500, I am not seeing all the stocks. Why?
Why are the return values for my portfolio different in the table vs. the chart?
Why are the values between the Portfolio table and Portfolio chart different in the Dashboard?
How do you calculate your Growth, Profitability and Financial Health Grades?
How current are the Morningstar grades?
Why do 5-year returns for some Sectors and Industries greatly exceed the S&P 500?
How come the 5-day Return column in the table doesn't match the 5-day chart?
Is option pricing available?
Are there any plans to add in European or Asian exchanges?
Can you add in new indices?
Is the Sharpe ratio available?
Will I be able to determine my portfolio's Alpha?
How is currency handled for Canadian or other international stocks?
When do you update fundamentals after earnings reports?
Is your data split-adjusted?
There is a financial metric I want that you don't have. How can I get it?
How come the last close price isn't updated when the market closes?
Why doesn’t the Price metric match the reported close price after the market has closed?
Your dividend yield sometimes differs from other sites, how do you calculate it?
Why does an EPS value reported by Stock Rover differ from another data source?
What is the difference between the Stock Rover Ratings and the Scores?
Why are the values in the fundamental chart different than the table?
How does Stock Rover compute the 1- and 3-year volatility numbers?
Which metrics are updated throughout the trading day?
Why is the Price/Earnings metric blank for some tickers?
Is Sales 1-Yr Change (%) for trailing twelve months or calendar year?
Why is there no data for certain tickers in certain metrics? For example, AFL has no data for Free Cash Flow Per Share.
I found a stock that is clearly listed in the wrong sector/industry. Why?
Why does the current value indicator on 5-Year Price/Cash Flow appear in the wrong place?
How does Stock Rover treat mutual fund distributions?
Why doesn’t the data for RSI match between the table and the chart?
Why are the return values for a screener different in the table vs. the chart?