Stock Rover Research Reports


Research Reports provides a comprehensive summary on any of the 7000+ stocks we track in Stock Rover on the U.S. and Canadian exchanges. Research reports can be viewed in your browser and can be produced in PDF format for portability and sharing.

The first page of a sample Stock Rover Research Report for an example company (Home Depot) is shown below.

Stock Research Report First Page

To see an example of the entire stock research report in PDF format, click here.

Please note Stock Rover Research Reports are not included in the Essentials, Premium or Premium Plus subscription plans. Research Reports require a separate subscription plan. However, if you have an annual or two year Essentials, Premium or Premium Plus subscription plan, you can bundle an Unlimited Research Reports subscription for $49.99/year.

Research Reports can also be purchased without a Stock Rover subscription plan for $99.99/year.

Finally note that if you do not have a Research Reports subscription, you can still access Research Reports for any of the tickers in the Dow 30.

Accessing Research Reports

You can run the facility by right clicking on any stock ticker from the Table and selecting Research Report as shown below.

Stock Research Report Right Click

You can also run the report from the Insight Panel as shown below via the red arrow.

Stock Research Insight Panel

Printing Research Reports

You can print the research report by clicking the Print button at the top of the report, as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Stock Research Report First Page

Clicking on the Print button will launch the print window, if for some reason the print window doesn’t launch, you can hit CTRL + P on your keyboard to launch the print window.

Downloading PDF Research Report

You can download the research report by clicking the Request PDF button at the top of the report, as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Stock Research Report First Page

The Request PDF button will then launch a notice message as seen below. The PDF downloads are only updated once per day, so if you want an updated report of the same ticker you will want to use the Print option and save the report from the Print option.

Stock Research Report First Page

After clicking OK on the notice message, you will then need to click the Download PDF button highlighted in the screenshot below. Once you click Download PDF, the PDF file will be saved to your browser’s download folder.

Stock Research Report First Page

Key Features

Some key features of the Stock Rover Research Report include our quantitative scores for stocks in the areas of value, quality, growth and sentiment. The research report also includes the computed fair value and margin of safety for the stock.

Stock Research Scores

Research reports also highlight any warnings or issues of concern for the stock as well.

Stock Research Warnings

The research report encompasses much of the comprehensive information that is in the Stock Rover Insight Panel. It also includes new information not currently found in Stock Rover, such as seasonal performance as shown below.

Stock Research Seasonal Performance

The report includes a new risk section incorporating information such as the best and worst monthly performance for a stock in the last 5 years. Other risk statistics such as the 1 and 3 year beta and volatility are included as well as a volatility graph over time and the maximum drawdown for a stock over the last 1, 3 and 5 year periods.

Report Structure

The Research Report is eight pages long and is structured as follows:


  • Key Information (P/E, EPS and Sales Growth)
  • Chart vs. Industry and S&P 500
  • Analyst Summary Consensus
  • Scores, Fair Value and Margin of Safety
  • Business Summary


  • Valuation
  • Growth
  • Peers Analysis
  • Profitability
  • Returns
  • Dividends
  • Debt
  • Analysts
  • Earnings Surprises
  • Risk Analysis
  • Seasonality
  • Relative Performance

Ratings vs. Peers

  • Overall
  • Growth
  • Valuation
  • Efficiency
  • Financial Strength
  • Dividends
  • Momentum


  • Dividend History
  • Upcoming Dividend
  • Dividend Rate
  • Dividend Statistics

Financial Statement Summary

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow
  • Profitability

Valuation and Profitability History

  • 10 Year History of Key Valuation and Profitability Metrics


  • Explanation of each Warning for the Stock


  • Report Tips
  • Disclaimer

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