Our Story

Made for Individual Investors by Individual Investors

Long time individual investors Howard Reisman and Andrew Martin, both software engineers by trade, were looking for a better way to do the analysis they regularly performed on stocks for their personal investments. Frustrated by cobbling together multiple sources and tools—which had required multiple web sites, windows and tabs, and the creation of many separate spreadsheets for deeper analytics—they decided to design and build their own integrated and comprehensive investment research platform. Their goal was to create a product that they would look forward to using, and more importantly, one that would make them better investors. Their vision was to share this product with the investment community so that other individual investors would have access to the same resources. The result of their efforts is Stock Rover, a powerful and efficient equity research platform designed to exceed investor expectations.

The Stock Rover team prides itself on having a development process strongly driven by both user feedback and by executive vision, and for delivering a personal touch in customer support and investing education.

The Stock Rover Investment Research Platform

Founded in 2008 by software engineers with a passion for investing, Stock Rover is an advanced web application aimed at simplifying and improving the way investors perform research, make decisions and track investments. Stock Rover excels in stock and ETF comparison, screening, and portfolio analytics. It also provides a myriad of other capabilities such as advanced charting, real-time alerts, stock ratings, earnings calendars, brokerage integration and much much more.

Stock Rover addresses a gap in the stock research marketplace by offering sophisticated, streamlined tools that are accessible to individual investors while providing all the power needed by financial professionals.