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  • Stock Rover is the AAII – CI Editor’s Choice. The wide range of information available makes it hard to compete with, along with the extensive customization opportunities the site provides for its users.

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  • To Research Stocks Fundamentally And Technically, Try This Website: Stock Rover

  • Stock Rover provides tons of information and makes it easy to research investments.

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  • Key Views and Metrics to Help You Invest Better

    October 15, 2019 - Overview Stock Rover has well over 600 separate metrics which in aggregate provide a vast amount of operational, financial, price and investment information for individual stocks, ETFs and Mutual Funds. Metrics are organized into Views, which are a group of related metrics that are presented together in the Stock Rover Table. The Table is capable […]
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  • Rover's Weekly Market Brief — 10/11/2019

    October 11, 2019 - Indices DJIA: 26,816.60 (+0.91%) NASDAQ: 8,057.00 (+0.93%) S&P 500: 2,970.27 (+0.62%) Commodities Gold: 1,490.30 (-1.49%) Copper: 262.65 (+2.50%) Crude Oil: 54.73 (+3.64%) A Tour of Stock Rover’s Screeners Stock Rover stock screening was recently named Best of the Web by the American Association of Individual Investors. We have a new blog post that describes each […]
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  • A Tour of Stock Rover's Screeners

    October 7, 2019 - Overview Selecting and running one or more screeners is generally the first step in any investment research process. Screeners will find a set of candidate investment ideas from a larger investment universe of stocks or ETFs. Screeners screen according to the investment criteria you care about. They can even rank passing tickers based on the […]
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  • Stock Rover is Named AAII's Best of the Web 2019

    October 3, 2019 - Best of the Web Stock Rover was named as “Best of the Web” in the American Association of Individual Investors  (AAII)  Computerized Investing 2019 Best of the Web awards. Stock Rover was cited in two separate categories as Best of the Web. Stock Screening Stock Research and Data Stock Rover also received an honorable mention […]
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  • New Features in Stock Rover

    September 17, 2019 - Overview Over the past several months we have added a number of new features and refinements to Stock Rover. This blog post will cover the improvements we have made to Stock Rover since we introduced the Investors Warning facility in July. New Metrics What would Stock Rover be without all its metrics? We are constantly […]
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  • Stock Rover Wins Best Stock Screener 2019

    September 10, 2019 - Stock Rover was recently reviewed by Liberated Stock Trader. Though it was it only the first year that Liberated Stock Trader reviewed Stock Rocker, it selected Stock Rover as its Best Stock Screener Review Winner 2019. As quoted on the Liberated Stock Trader Web Site:  “Stock Rover is Highly Recommended for U.S.A. and Canadian Value […]
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  • The Piotroski F-Score

    August 6, 2019 - This blog post will discuss the Piotroski F-Score. What it is. Why it matters. And how to use it in Stock Rover. What is the Piotroski F-Score? Joseph Piotroski is a professor of accounting at Stanford University. He published a paper in 2000 that detailed a method for deciding whether or not a stock had […]
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  • The CAN SLIM Investment System

    July 25, 2019 - The CAN SLIM Framework Developed in the 1950s by legendary investor and IBD founder William J O’Neil, CAN SLIM is a mnemonic for a set of criteria for picking growth stocks with momentum. Unlike other approaches that are distilled to a very simple set of quantitative rules, CAN SLIM is a framework that incorporates both […]
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  • Stock Rover Featured in Forbes

    July 22, 2019 - Stock Rover was recently featured in Forbes. The title of the article is “To Research Stocks Fundamentally And Technically, Try This Website: Stock Rover”. The article delves into the attributes that make Stock Rover an extremely popular and rapidly growing platform for stock, ETF and fund research and portfolio management among investors of all stripes. […]
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  • Stock Rover CEO Interview

    July 18, 2019 - Recently Howard Reisman, the co-founder and CEO of Stock Rover, was interviewed on LAMA, a platform where professional journalists interview business people doing interesting things. In the interview topics such as the motivation for founding Stock Rover and the future direction of product development are covered. The interview and audio transcription of the interview can […]
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