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In-Depth Research Capabilities

  • “The amount of information this site gathers in near-real time is incomprehensible…No website I’ve seen packs so much useful, context-appropriate information onto a single page.”

    Barron’s Magazine

  • “I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am by what you guys are doing with Stock Rover. I LOVE the Stock Rover Product! Stock Rover is intelligent, has a very intuitive structure, and is so flexible and user-customizable!! It is truly the best screening/analysis tool that I have EVER used. One last comment, your Support staff is EXCEPTIONAL. They are knowledgeable, courteous, helpful, and genuinely interested in customer satisfaction. Very impressive, to say the least.”

    — Steve L., Stock Rover user —

  • “The comprehensive content of Stock Rover provides me the ability to structure a large variety of requirements for student projects. The site has everything from sophisticated and flexible screening tools, watchlists, market data, unique graphing capabilities, preset screens, and excellent help documents and videos, to name a few features. I have never encountered a single data provider with as many features as Stock Rover.

    Dr. Frederick Schadler, Associate Professor in Finance at East Carolina University

  • “The team at Stockrover has developed a stunning example of the power of next generation cloud-based software for both professional and retail investors. Elegantly designed with one of the most comprehensive offerings of fundamental and price data analytics, it is nevertheless extremely flexible and intuitive. Clearly, the folks at Stockrover had demanding users in mind when they designed this platform.”

    DBJ, Stock Rover user

  • “Stock Rover is hands down the best fundamental research tool I have come across.”

    — Britt B., Stock Rover user —

  • I am literally amazed (BLOWN AWAY) by the depth and breadth of extremely useful data that your site provides. The ease of quickly accessing that data is also phenomenal. My biggest question right now is, where have you been until now? I could have used this service 10 or 20 years ago. Until now, I had been jumping from one research report after another on 3 different brokerage sites as well as a dozen other websites, every time I wanted to evaluate a potential stock or ETF purchase. You have greatly lessened the need for me to do this and have given me quick insights into new buy and sell prospects. I am looking forward to maximizing the usefulness of this tremendously powerful product as I get more familiar with it. It is giving me a whole new attitude and renewed my enthusiasm toward investing and trading. I am now a subscriber. Thanks for this fantastic research tool. It’s like the Swiss army knife of investing!

    — Phil L., Stock Rover user —

  • “There are so many things that I love about Stock Rover that I subscribed after only 5 days into the trial period!”

    David B, Stock Rover user

  • For those of you looking to use a stock valuation service; I believe Stock Rover is the best. I have tried a dozen. Successful investing takes work. Stock Rover allows you to build and organize an “inventory” of stocks you are interested in following with Watchlists. I used Color to rate the stocks as to their strength and attractiveness as “buys”. When momentum or sector strength changes; it is easy to find the stocks, you may have researched in the past, in the sectors gaining strength. I do this by setting up watchlist for each sector.. There are hundreds of ways to use this tool. Invest in yourself, subscribe too and use Stock Rover.

    — Bruce B., Stock Rover user —

  • “The most powerful stock research platform I’ve used…What really sets it apart is that it’s not a website but an
    app that runs in your browser, effectively turning your browser into a dynamic spreadsheet that pulls real-time data.”

    — Alphaseeker, on Investimonials.com

  • “The ability to quickly research key information on stocks and set up comparable analysis table is what
    differentiates Stock Rover.”

    —Matt Ristuccia, Director of Research at Argent Wealth Management LLC—

  • “Truly Powerful! I have been using Stock Rover for several days now. I am totally amazed at the power it brings to my investing. It is easy to use, fast and contains deep data that gets the job done every time!”

    — Doug Fullaway, Stock Rover user —

  • “You have a great product. I particularly find your weekly portfolio email report very informative and useful.”

    — Bob Lamy, Stock Rover user —

  • “Stock Rover is the best tool for doing all I need in researching stocks.”

    — Billy J., Stock Rover user —

  • “Stock Rover has done an A+ job in making my life a lot easier and much more professional in my analytical analysis
    of companies, portfolios, etc.”

    — Rob Mountain, Stock Rover user —

  • “Nowhere else can you easily chart different companies together with different metrics so easily.”

    —Matt Ristuccia, Director of Research at Argent Wealth Management LLC—

  • “Alerts based on price movements above or below simple moving averages (prefer exponential) are
    unique and serve as a great screener for helping the buy or sell decision.”

    — Ken T., Stock Rover user —

  • “As near a one stop shop as I’ve found.”

    — Bob B., Stock Rover user —

  • “I have been investing for 40 years and I wish Stock Rover had been available when I started.”

    — Allan S., Stock Rover user —

  • “As an investment professional, I have access to a myriad of investment resources. Rarely does a tool come along that combines the best attributes of multiple websites into one phenomenal resource…The ability to compare the financial metrics of multiple companies side by side sets this tool apart.”

    — Brent Jaciow, Chief Investment Officer at Maseco Private Wealth S.A. —

  • “This is by far the best portfolio tracking site I have found. Excellent and fulfills all my needs to efficiently and effectively track my stocks. The available research is excellent.”

    — MPD, Stock Rover User —

  • “Stock Rover provides tons of information and makes it easy to research investments.”

    — BetterInvesting Magazine —

Investing with Stock Rover

  • “I have been an independent investor for 30 years and have an engineering and science education. I have been a user and examiner of software to aid my investment work all that time and yours has to rank with the best of the breed. I could detail the many ways in which it so well enhances my needs but I’m afraid I’d omit too many important ones. And to add to the software you have the most responsive support folks who answer so many of my often mindless queries with the patience of professionals. You are indeed a blessing to so many I am sure.”

    — Mel Turetzky, Stock Rover user —

  • “I’ve been using Stock Rover for a while…I love the site!”

    —Jaclyn McClellan, Associate Financial Analyst, AAII Editor, Computerized Investing

  • “Without Stock Rover, I shudder to think what I might have done.”

    — S. Foss, Stock Rover user (read S. Foss’s Stock Rover story)—

  • “Stock Rover brings institutional-quality research capabilities to the individual investor. It has quickly become my go to resource for fundamental screening and analysis.”

    — Brent Jaciow, Chief Investment Officer at Maseco Private Wealth S.A. —

  • On the iPad app: “As a student majoring in finance and working in asset management next year, I have not encountered any stock research app on the App Store even close to as useful as this one. Truly incredible, and the fact that it’s free is even more mind blowing.”

    — Ethan E., Stock Rover user —

  • “I would like to thank the Stock Rover team for designing an incredible platform that retail traders can use to make better informed buy, hold, and sell decisions. I am very happy with Stock Rover and continue to recommend it to my friends and members of my family. I will never make another trade without using the tools within Stock Rover.”— Randall Bal, Stock Rover user
  • “Stockrover.com is the CI Editor’s Choice. The wide range of information available makes it hard to compete with, along with the extensive customization opportunities the site provides for its users—even those using the site for free.”

    American Association of Individual Investors: Computerized Investing

  • “Having ETF information so neatly organized is terrific.”

    —Matt Ristuccia, Director of Research at Argent Wealth Management LLC—

  • “I am using the software along with other software every day in making my investment decisions. I am very impressed with all the things that can be done with the software and am finding new ways to use it each day.”

    — Bud B., Stock Rover user —

  • “An essential site for gathering and analyzing stock data…The site has become one of the ‘windows’ I have open on my screen daily.”

    — Eskin, on Investimonials.com

  • “A great stock tool and an outstanding tool for the small investor.”

    — Don Lynaugh, Stock Rover user —

  • “The premium notes functionality is tremendous.”

    —Matt Ristuccia, Director of Research at Argent Wealth Management LLC—

  • “I am now a Stock Rover devotee and would be happy to recommend it to anyone and everyone.”

    — Allan S., Stock Rover user —

  • “I wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoy the service and website. I’ve used competitive offerings before that cost five times as much and what you guys have is great. I love the performance updates and seeing which pros I’m beating. Keep up the outstanding work.”

    — Nathan F., Stock Rover user —


  • “Quite honestly, Stock Rover is a great website for any investor. The fact that it is free, easy to use, and convenient makes it an outstanding value.”

    American Association of Individual Investors

  • “Fantastic tool, better than anything I can get from brokerages.”

    — Alan Nadel, Stock Rover user —

  • “Better than $500/Month tools! Stock Rover has made me a better investor.”

    — Yeryer, on Investimonials.com

  • “I absolutely believe this is a service worth paying for.”

    — Eskin, on Investimonials.com

Customer Support

  • “I am not only addicted to Stock Rover, but the customer support is the best of any company.”

    — S. Bailey, Stock Rover user —

  • “Thanks to you and the crew for really great support.”

    — Bob M., Stock Rover user —

  • “Thank you for responding so quickly to my question.”

    — Common Stock Rover user response —


  • “The webinar on the future of Stock Rover was outstanding and I can hardly wait for the new features. I have been searching for a long time to find software to measure my portfolios performance and have not found any software that is suitable. Now, voila, you have just what I have been looking for. I cannot thank you enough
    for the great product that you have developed.”

    — B. Benson, Stock Rover user —

  • “I am trying to sign up for as many of your webinars as I can—lots of good info.”

    — Sandy G., Stock Rover user —

  • “The webinars have helped me develop confidence with the use of Quants in screening. Don’t know how I managed without them!”

    — Bruce Hurwitz, Stock Rover user —

  • “What I have realized is that even though I have now taken several webinars more than once, I can still get some new insights and ideas because Stock Rover is so rich in possibilities.”

    — Allan M. Smith, Stock Rover user —

  • “Five Stocks I Love was really one of your best webinars ever, and I tip my hat to Howard for showing the us the way.”

    — Allan S., Stock Rover user —

  • “I have found your webinars informative and very well done.”

    — Genie L., Stock Rover user —

  • “It impresses me that Stock Rover provides not only investment information, but also extensive education.”

    — Halina Adler Bramley, Stock Rover user —

  • “Great webinar! AAA+”

    — Rod B., Stock Rover user —

  • “I attended the 12 PM seminar yesterday, and the only real feedback that I wanted to send was that it was an excellent presentation, I learned a great deal in a short amount of time. Very professional. And the site is of course leaps and bounds better than any other I have tested. No surprise that the reviews have been so glowing. Great stuff.”

    — Introduction to Stock Rover attendee —

  • “Thank you very much for the superb introduction to Stock Rover. It was quite complete and yet easy to understand all in 45 minutes.”

    — Dan H., Stock Rover user —

  • “Outstanding webinar. Very knowledgeable executive. I picked up many helpful ‘take aways’ on investment research and how to use Stock Rover.”

    — Bruce Hurwitz, Stock Rover user —

  • “Thanks for another great webinar.”

    — Paul M., Stock Rover user —

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