Stock & ETF Comparison

We believe that being able to directly compare stocks and ETFs in many different ways is critical for making smart decisions. Yet before Stock Rover, there were no affordable, integrated programs that allowed investors to do deep, side-by-side stock and ETF evaluation. Stock Rover has broken away from the pack by offering dynamic and easy-to-use tools for direct stock, ETF and portfolio comparison.

Comparison is Our Specialty

At the heart of Stock Rover is the Table. Don’t let the humble name of this comparison tool fool you—it’s powerful. The Table has the familiar feel and function of an offline spreadsheet program, including the ability to sort, filter, color rows, and even add comments. On top of that, it pulls up-to-date financials and pricing data, and lets you dynamically swap out datasets at the click of a mouse.

Add tickers one-by-one, or by loading datasets such as your portfolios or the DJIA. You can then compare these rows across hundreds of financial columns, which are organized into “views” such as Growth, Valuation, Momentum, Dividends, and Historical Returns. Create new views using any columns you like, or update existing views by adding, removing, or reordering columns.

Table Comparison


An example of tickers from the Dow 30 being compared in the Table

In addition to the powerful comparison capabilities provided by the Table, Stock Rover provides an equally powerful means of comparison via Tiles. Each tile conveys a plethora of information about a ticker. The ability to view multiple tiles together makes for easy and efficient investment comparison across tickers.

Like the table, Stock Rover provides a number useful of the box tiles designs. Tiles are completely configurable, so you can create additional tile designs that best meet your investment purposes.

Tile Comparison


An example of tickers from the Dow 30 being compared by their scores, fair value and margin of safety

Stock, ETF and Fund Insights

Get a grasp on a potential investment by digging into the details on our Insight panel.  Stock Rover’s Insight Panel is home to detailed fundamental data, financial statements, sales, earnings, cash flow and dividend analysis, analyst ratings, company news, earnings transcripts and much more.

Our intrinsic value formulas create a fair value price for each stock while scores for value, growth, quality and sentiment help match stocks to your personal investment style.

Insight Panel

Investor Warnings

With all this data available it would be easy to overlook important details.  This is where our warnings feature excels.  We check for trends such as declining sales or earnings, worrisome balance sheet items including high goodwill or leverage, and more.

Investor Warnings

Like most of Stock Rover, warnings are customizable so you can focus on just those that are meaningful to you.

Fair Value and Margin of Safety

Stock Rover computes the fair value and margin of safety for all stocks in its universe. Stock Rover also computes a number of scores that rank stocks vs. their peers and the overall market. These scores include valuation, growth, profitability, capital efficiency, financial strength, quality, sentiment, momentum, the Piotroski F-Score and the Altman Z-Score. With these scores in hand it is easy to distinguish the performers from the non-performers in many different dimensions of investment performance.

Fair Value

Stock Ratings

Our unique Stock Ratings facility distills complex historical data into percentile performance grades for stocks vs. their peers in key areas such as growth, valuation, efficiency, financial strength, quality, dividends and momentum. An overall grade is rendered for each stock, making it easy to evaluate and compare different investment opportunities.

Stock Ratings

Data Rich Displays

Stock Rover provides comprehensive data in an easy to digest and pleasing display. For example, the EPS tab provides details on how Sales, Earnings Per Share and Cash Flow have changed over time.

Sales and EPS

Comparative Financial Statements

With Stock Rover You can compare a company’s year vs. year or quarter vs. quarter performance across ten years of data. You can also see all statements on a percentage basis or on a percentage change from the prior period basis. We even include a CAGR column to show the compound annualized growth rate of each statement item. These features make it very easy to see a company’s performance over time on an apples vs. apples basis, especially when looking at companies with seasonal business, like Amazon or Macy’s.

Income Statement

We even provide a summary view that combines key measures from the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement all together, along with other key metrics to provide succinct, but powerful view of a company’s performance.

Statement Summary

Dividend Insights

The dividend display in the Insight Panel is a great way to analyze the dividend performance of a stock, ETF or fund. The dividend display provides detailed metrics on yield, safety, coverage and growth of the dividend over time. You can also see all past and upcoming dividend payment information.


Analyst Ratings and Estimates

The analyst page provides a comprehensive view that analysts have towards a given stock including buy rating, price targets, earnings estimates and revisions and the level of dispersion of analyst estimates.

Analyst Estimates

Comprehensive Metrics

Stock Rover provides over 700 financial, operational, pricing and performance metrics. Metrics cover areas such as growth, profitability, financial strength, capital efficiency, price performance, momentum, dividends, analyst ratings, stock ratings, industry and sector decides, and many more, including advanced metrics such as the Fair Value, Margin of Safety, Piotroski F-Score, Price to Graham Number, Shiller P/E, Beneish M-Score and the Altman-Z score. Most metrics come with a detailed 10 year history and most are chartable.

Stock Rover comes with a built in Metrics Browser to make it dead easy to browse, find and add metrics of interest to your Stock Rover data views.

Metric Browser

Latest News

Get comprehensive market and company news from a variety of user configurable news sources.