Stock Rover™ Announces New Product Enhancements

Braintree, MA - May 14, 2012

Stock Rover LLC today announced several enhancements to Stock Rover and a successful launch to its beta program.

After roughly 6 weeks of open beta, Stock Rover users have provided invaluable feedback in terms of features and usability, resulting in several product enhancements. Stock Rover received an extremely positive review in Barron’s which generated thousands of additional beta users within just the first few days alone. The article stated “No website I’ve seen packs so much useful, context-appropriate information onto a single page.” Furthering the impressive growth of Stock Rover’s user base was a review by the American Association for Individual Investors (AAII) which concluded “Quite honestly, Stock Rover is a great website for any investor. The fact that it is free, easy to use, and convenient makes it an outstanding value.”

“Our goal has always been to bring institutional-level stock research capabilities to the individual investor,” stated Howard Reisman, CEO of Stock Rover. “The beta program is showing us exactly what other investors are looking for and the feedback has been fantastic; not just the overwhelming praise for the product, but more importantly, all of the suggestions for making a great tool even better. Our agile development team has already implemented several of the suggestions and continues to refine the tool, and we’ll be rewarding beta users with additional months of full product usage once Stock Rover emerges from our Beta program and is officially released. For each month in the beta program prior to it ending, users’ free subscriptions to the full tool will be extended by one month. So if we initiate the official release in December for example, users who join the beta program today will have their accounts automatically extended by 7 months for the full version of the officially released product. For those who do not require the full power of Stock Rover, there will always be a free more basic version of the tool available.”

A popular product enhancement that resulted from the beta program is the ability to selectively link the Chart to the table. Previously, the Chart and Table operated independently but now users are given the choice to have the highlighted row of the Table automatically added to the chart.

Users of Internet Explorer 8 will also notice that Stock Rover operates much faster than previously. For optimal performance, however, users should run Stock Rover in Internet Explorer 9, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

The product will continuously be enhanced based on Stock Rover user feedback, and the tool is currently free to access while in the beta period. New users can register at

About Stock Rover

Stock Rover LLC was founded in late 2008 as Howard Reisman and Andrew Martin began to design and engineer the pilot product, Stock Rover. Founded to help bring products to the market that would allow individual investors to make better decisions, Stock Rover looks to simplify the way investors make decisions by letting investors be in complete control of their investment process, from initial research to portfolio tracking.

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