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Why Stock Rover?


What is Stock Rover?

Stock Rover is a powerful investment research and analysis tool that goes well beyond what investors are used to from existing equity research sites. Stock Rover excels at performing both fundamental analysis and technical analysis, and is particularly adept at comparing competing stock, ETF and mutual fund investment opportunities. Stock Rover also excels at screening to find promising investment candidates. As an advanced web platform, Stock Rover uses many standard desktop software user interface conventions (such as right click for menus and resizable, detachable and collapsible panels). This makes Stock Rover powerful and functional, while still being quick to learn and simple to use.

How much does Stock Rover cost?

Stock Rover has one free plan (completely free) and three paid plans, Essentials, Premium and Premium Plus. Each paid plan offers a different level of features and is at a different price point. Essentials is $7.99/month or $79.99/year. Premium is $17.99/month or $179.99/year. Premium plus is $27.99/month or $279.99/year. To learn more about the free plan, head to our free plan description page. To learn about the premium plans, see our premium plans comparison page. To see the full list of differences between the three premium membership plans, check out our in depth plans compare page. Note regardless of which plan you sign up for, including the free plan, we protect the privacy of your email address by not distributing it to any third parties.

Who is Stock Rover for?

Stock Rover is for all investors. If you use Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, MSN Money, your brokerage company’s web site or any other financial sites for investment research, you owe it to yourself to check out Stock Rover. Head on over to the testimonials page to hear what other users think.

Why did we build Stock Rover?

We are investors who were frustrated with the existing array of disparate investing web sites. Financial research often required opening multiple windows and tabs from multiple providers; it got very confusing. Furthermore, even to do rudimentary comparison we needed to use separate spreadsheets and often had to manually enter data. We felt there had to be a better way to screen, analyze and pick investments. In addition to being individual investors, we are software engineers with deep experience in designing and building enterprise class software, so we decided to build the best possible tool for stock research – a tool that we would want to use.

What makes Stock Rover better?

Many things. Speed, power, flexibility, completeness, ease of use. Stock Rover is built with a state of the art web architecture that presents a single pane of glass to the user where all relevant financial information is presented and manipulated. You never get lost down a canyon of page clicks or across an array of different windows. Think of Stock Rover as an enormous spreadsheet containing the public financial data on all of the companies that interest you. All of the information you need to make smart investment decisions is at your fingertips. Stock Rover works right out of the box, but is also easily customizable to fit the style and needs of each individual investor.

Getting Started


How do I sign up for Stock Rover?

Registration is easy, and it takes less than 30 seconds. No credit card is required. Simply set up your personal Stock Rover account from our Sign Up form. Your email address and your data will be kept private and secure and will not be re-distributed to any third parties.

Stock Rover is completely free for Free plan members. There are three premium plans, Essentials, Premium and Premium Plus. Each paid plan offers a different level of features and is at a different price point. Essentials is $7.99/month or $79.99/year. Premium is $17.99/month or $179.99/year. Premium plus is $27.99/month or $279.99/year. There are also two year plans available. To see the differences in the premium plans, check out our compare plans page.

New members who sign up for the free plan automatically start with a 14 day no cost, no obligation trial of the Premium Plus plan. Within the trial, you can switch between the various plans to try them out.

Do I have to download and install software?

No, there is no software to download and install. Stock Rover runs inside your browser.

How do I access Stock Rover?

You simply log into your Stock Rover account to access all of your data.

What browsers can I use?

We support the latest versions of the following browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

What sized monitors does Stock Rover work on?

Stock Rover works comfortably on monitor resolutions from 1366 x 768 on up. For Premium members, it also works well in multi-monitor set ups as many of the panels are detachable and can run in separate windows.

Does Stock Rover work on a tablet?

Yes, here are our requirements for Stock Rover to work on the tablet:

  • Stock Rover for the tablet is supported on all tablet devices that can run the latest version of iOS, Windows or Android
  • A minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 is required for the tablet device
  • A recent version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge

Can I be a Stock Rover member if I’m not in the U.S.?

Yes, Stock Rover can be used from any country.

What kind of support is available?

There is extensive getting started and how to help on the web site. All of the financial metrics provided by Stock Rover are fully documented. We also have an extensive video library with both product and investing tutorials. Finally our web site is fully searchable.

Premium members receive email support. Premium and Premium Plus members with yearly or two year plans can add on prioritized hotline telephone support for an additional $50/year. All users can feel free to email us at support@stockrover.com. However only paid Essentials, Premium or Premium Plus users are guaranteed a response. Our Customer Support Team works weekdays from 9AM-5PM (Eastern).

I’d like to send you feedback. How do I do that?

We love hearing from our users. If there is anything you would like to tell us to help us make the product better, please email us at feedback@stockrover.com.

Can I send feedback even if I have the Free plan?

Yes, we welcome feedback from all our users, as it is a major element of our product development. Tell us what’s on your wish list!

Membership Plan Options


What is the difference between Free and Premium membership?

The free plan is good for doing basic research on individual stocks and keeping up with the markets. The premium plans
offer a full range of investment research, screening, comparison and tracking capabilities. The capabilities of the free plan are described here. The capabilities of each of the premium plans are described on our premium plan comparison page.

How much do the Premium plans cost?

The Essentials plan is $7.99/month or $79.99/year. the Premium plan is $17.99/month or $179.99/year. The Premium plus plan is $27.99/month or $279.99/year. There are also two year plans available at $139.99, $319.99 and $479.99 per year respectively.

Full email support is standard with all plans. Prioritized hotline telephone support is available for an additional $50 per year for the Premium and Premium Plus plans. Hotline telephone support is not available for any of the monthly plans.

Do the Premiums plan come with email support?

Yes, all premium plans includes full and responsive email support. You can add prioritized hotline telephone support for an additional $50 per year on any yearly or two year plan. Requests from accounts with hotline support are treated with higher priority. However we guarantee a response to all requests within a reasonable time frame.

If have a free plan, you are still welcome to email us with any questions, concerns, or feedback; we read and consider all email. However we do not guarantee a response or any assistance beyond what is offered via our on-line help resources.

Does the 14-day free Premium trial include all of the Premium features?

Almost all. Premium trial members begin by trialing the Premium Plus plan, which showcases all of the capabilities of Stock Rover. However due to a licensing restriction, Premium Trial members are not able to export the Table to a CSV file. The trial is also limited to 20 Research Reports plus the Dow 30. Finally, there is also a limit of 5 Stock Ratings Reports.

All other Premium Plus features are available to Premium Trial members. In addition, Premium Trial members have free access to email support.

During the trial, you can change the plan level between Essentials, Premium or Premium Plus as you wish to try out each of the plans. If you decide to sign up for a Premium Plan while or after trialing, you will have the option at sign up to select the Essentials, Premium or Premium Plus plan.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes absolutely. You can upgrade from Essentials to Premium or to Premium Plus. You can also upgrade from Premium to Premium Plus.

Any upgrade will be the difference between the value of your current subscription and the cost of the upgraded subscription.

In addition to upgrading the plan level, you can also upgrade the duration of a plan to get a better rate. For example you can upgrade a monthly plan to a yearly plan or a monthly or yearly plan to a two year plan.

Do you offer refunds or credits?

No. This is a strict policy. We do not offer refunds under any circumstances. You may cancel the service at any time and your credit card will not be charged thereafter. You will have the full use of the services you have paid for through the contracted period. You can see our terms of service here.

Will my plan renew automatically?

Yes, but you may stop the automatic renewal at any time. To turn off automatic renewal, which cancels your premium membership going forward, first login to your Stock Rover account. Then from within Stock Rover, click the down arrow next your username in the top right corner of Stock Rover, and then select Change Plan. From there you can select Cancel Stock Rover. You will be able to use the services for which you have contracted through the rest of the paid period. After that, your account will revert to a Free account. We do not issue refunds.

How do I know when my Premium plan will renew?

You can see this information by going to the top right hand corner of the Stock Rover app and clicking on your username. From the ensuing dropdown menu select ‘Account Settings’. The Account Settings window will open and show you the renewal date. Yearly and two-year Premium members will receive an email reminder 45 days before their membership is automatically renewed.

From the Account Settings window you can also change or cancel your plan, update your credit card information, and update your contact information or password.

How do I update my credit card in Stock Rover?

You can update your credit card by running the Stock Rover app and finding your username in the upper right hand corner. Click on the dropdown menu, select ‘Account Settings’. The ‘Account Settings’ Window will open. On the top bar, select the ‘Update Credit Card’ tab and the update credit card window will be displayed.

You can also update your credit card directly on the Stock Rover web site here.

Is there a monthly limit on the number of Stock Ratings or Stock Scores you can view?

Stock Rover’s Stock Ratings are not available for Essentials users, and are limited to 10 ratings/month for Premium users. Premium Plus users have unlimited access to Stock Ratings per month, although Premium Plus Trial users are limited to 5 ratings for the Trial.

Stock Scores are limited to 3 scores/month for Free users, 10 scores/month for Essentials users, and 20 scores/month for Premium users. Premium Plus users have unlimited access to Stock Scores.

If I switch from Premium to Free, will I lose my Premium data and settings?

No, but as a Free member you will no longer be able to access them, with the exception that your portfolios will still be accessible in the dashboard. However, should you decide to re-enroll in a Premium plan, all of your Premium items (such as watchlists, screeners, notes, tags etc.) will be restored.

Privacy and Security


Is Stock Rover secure?

Yes. Stock Rover exclusively uses the secure https protocol for communication between your browser and our servers. This means that all Stock Rover network traffic is encrypted and can not be decoded by any “man in the middle” listeners on the Internet.

What are you going to do with my email address?

We do not distribute your email address to any third parties. We only use your email address to communicate with you regarding anything pertinent to Stock Rover itself. We do send mailings newsletters announcing webinars and new blog posts, but you can easily opt out of any of these mailings at any time via the Options menu in Stock Rover.

Where is my investment information stored?

Your data is stored on our servers in our secured, locked and climate-controlled data center in Massachusetts. We also back up all Stock Rover data securely both to our secondary data center in New Hampshire and to a secure third party cloud storage provider. We only store user information that is necessary to service and improve Stock Rover. Offsite backups are always encrypted for additional security.

Is my investment information safe, secure and private?

Absolutely. Our data centers are locked and accessible to only authorized Stock Rover personnel. Stock Rover servers are protected by multiple layers of firewalls. Within Stock Rover, only a small set of authorized users have access to our database and within that group, no one will look at or examine your data on individual basis, unless it is conjunction with a support issue, and only then, solely for the purposes of providing support, nothing more.

Stock Rover Financial Data


Which stocks are supported?

Stock Rover supports over 40,000 tickers. We support all equities that trade on the following seven major North American exchanges:

  • New York Stock Exchange
  • NYSE Alternext US (formerly American Stock Exchange)
  • NYSE ARCA (formerly Pacific Exchange)
  • Toronto Stock Exchange
  • TSX Venture Exchange
  • NEO Exchange
  • CNQ Exchange
  • BATS Exchange

As well as and two over-the-counter (OTC) boards:


Note that Stock Rover does not currently support options. We are considering supporting options in a future version of Stock Rover.

Where do you get your financial information from?

We pull data from a number of sources and we have a licensing agreement with Morningstar, which allows us to use their financial information. From our past experiences we believe that Morningstar is the most trusted and accurate data collection agency, allowing Stock Rover to have top-tier information. For a full list of our data providers, please check out our data attribution page.

Is your data GAAP compliant?

Yes. We believe that GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) is the most accurate way to value and compare companies.

Are the price quotes delayed?

There is a delay from the exchanges, which is typical for financial websites. For most stocks the delay in getting the data from the exchanges is about a minute, while for more obscure stocks the delay is 5 minutes, and for Canadian stocks and micro-cap stocks it is about 15 minutes.

Are the prices refreshed automatically?

Data refreshes anytime you click on anything in the table or chart. If you are a Premium or Premium Plus member you can also set the product to Auto Refresh the table, which will automatically refresh the data even if you are not actively using the table or chart. Auto Refresh can be found in the Preferences menu item under the account name dropdown in the upper right hand corner of the Stock Rover app.

Do you use restated values in your financials?

We do when they become available. Restated data will show automatically in the Table, the Insight Panel, and will be used for all ratio such as Price to Earnings, Price to Book etc.

Note that the chart’s EPS annotations does not use restated values by design. The chart shows the announced pro-forma EPS Surprise because this is the value that causes spikes and dips. This data is usually available one business day after the announcement.

Can you download historical pricing data?

No, we are not able to export historical pricing data due to a licensing restriction. We can however export historical statement data and all metric data in the table, including historical metric data with our Premium and Premium Plus subscriptions.

Brokerage Integration


Can I link Stock Rover to my brokerage account?

Yes, you can! Stock Rover’s Brokerage Integration facility is available to all Stock Rover members, free and premium. Find more information on how to link your brokerage account here.

How is my brokerage information protected and who has access?

We value security and respect your privacy so we have partnered with the most trusted data aggregation provider, Yodlee. Yodlee handles billions of transactions for millions of users and they have our trust as well. Their security policies are supervised by banking agencies and they comply with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) preventing the disclosure of personally identifiable information.

Only Yodlee interacts with your account credentials and institutions–Stock Rover never handles that most sensitive information.

We still treat the contents of your portfolio as highly sensitive information and never share these details. Within our company multiple firewalls and encryption layers prevent unauthorized access. Only a few key personnel have permission to access portfolio data and then only for the purpose of ensuring proper imports and updates.

Portfolios and Watchlists


What is the difference between a portfolio and a watchlist?

A portfolio contains more information than a watchlist. Portfolios are designed to track the stocks you actually (or hypothetically) own. Portfolios maintain a list of the individual investments (stocks, ETFs, mutual funds), and, for each investment, the number of shares and the average purchase price for the shares. Stock Rover uses that information to calculate detailed performance data for the portfolio.

A watchlist is similar to portfolio, but only contains a list of ticker symbols—no quantity or buy price information is entered. A watchlist is generally used to track securities that you are interested in but don’t own.

What sort of portfolio management capabilities does Stock Rover have?

Portfolio management capabilities are only available to paid premium members. See the plans compare page for a detailed description of the portfolio management capabilities that are available in each of the Stock Rover paid plans.

Stock Rover is primarily a stock research platform, not an investment trading platform, so you currently cannot execute trades through Stock Rover.



What is a screener and why would I want to use one?

A screener is a way of reducing the investable universe of stocks or ETFs down to a much smaller set of stocks or ETFs that you are interested in researching further based on their financial and operational metrics and/or price performance.

Stock screeners, also sometimes referred to a stock scanners, are a common tool in stock and ETF selection. Tickers in the investment universe are narrowed down to a smaller set of candidates by applying filters; a ticker must pass all filters to be included in screener results. Screeners can be performed on many disparate criteria such as earnings metrics, technical metrics, operational metrics, dividends etc. There are over 400 metrics in Stock Rover that you can screen for.

You would want to use a screener to quickly identify stocks that match your investment strategies. For example you may be interested in only large-cap stocks that pay a dividend of at least a 3% and have grown their dividend at least 4% per year for the last 5 years. Or perhaps you want to find value based momentum stocks that are within 5% of their 52-week highs and whose Price-to-Book ratio is under 1. Screeners allow you to do this extremely quickly.

Can I rank the stocks that pass a screener?

Yes. By using our ranking capability in our screener, you can assign weights to the various screening criteria. Once you do this, the stocks that pass the screener will be ranked from top to bottom. Ranked screening is not in the Essentials plan, it is a Premium and Premium Plus feature.

Can I Screen for ETFs

Yes you can. Note ETF screening is not in the Essentials plan, it is a Premium and Premium Plus feature.

How many different financial metrics can I filter on in a screener?

There is no practical limit. Stock Rover supplies well over 500 screen-able financial metrics. In the Premium Plus plan you can also create your own custom metrics.

Can I look at historical data while screening?

With the Premium Plus plan you can screen on up to 10 years of historical data as well as current data.

Can I create my own equations for screening?

With the Premium Plus plan you can create your own equations to screen data. For example you could create an equation to find companies that have increased their dividend for each of the last 10 years, or have increased their return on invested capital by over 5% from 6 years ago. Whatever can be embodied in an equation, can be screened for.



What capabilities does the charting facility have?

Stock Rover lets you chart up to 12 lines at once, including any combination of stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, Indices, Portfolios, Watchlists, Screeners, Sectors and Industries. You can also chart preferred shares, closed end funds and foreign stocks.

You can chart time periods from 1 day to 10+ years. You can change the settings to charting in candlesticks or logarithmic price change. You can adjust the price for dividends, and set one line as a baseline by which the other stock performance is measured.

You can add up to 8 technicals and 6 fundamental metrics. You can chart from over 100 fundamental metrics. You can also see see earnings, splits, dividends, the maximum drawdown and dates with portfolio activity (trades).

Note that different plans have different charting capabilities. Please see the compare plans page for more information.