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Investment Data

Investment Data Essential Plan Premium Plan Premium Plus Plan
Stock Exchanges
Stock Rover provides detailed information on over 10,000 stocks listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ, and Toronto Exchanges.
Stock Rover provides detailed pricing, composition and expense data on over 3000 ETFs, including Morningstar star ratings for ETFs.
Mutual Funds
Stock Rover provides detailed pricing, composition and expense data on over 40,000 mutual funds, including Morningstar star ratings for funds.
Available Metrics
Stock Rover provides many financial, operational, pricing and performance metrics. Metrics cover areas such as growth, profitability, financial strength, capital efficiency, price performance, momentum, dividends, analyst ratings, industry and sector decides, and many more, including advanced metrics such as the Piotroski F-Score, Price to Graham Number, Shiller P/E, Margin of Safety, Beneish M-Score and the Altman-Z score. Click here for a full list of our metrics.
275+ 375+ 700+
Historical Data
The maximum historical period over which pricing, financial and fundamental data in the table or chart can be viewed.
5 Years 10+ Years 10+ Years

Key Product Capabilities

Key Product Capabilities Essential Plan Premium Plan Premium Plus Plan
Dynamic Table
Stock Rover's provides a dynamic spreadsheet like table that allows for easy comparison of any group of stocks, ETFs or mutual funds across many different measures. The power of Stock Rover's table must be experienced to be fully appreciated. The table comes pre-populated with a set of views, each containing a set of financial metrics. These can be easily customized to suit your needs—just add, remove, or rearrange columns, or create completely new views from scratch.
Find the investment candidates that fit your personal investing strategy with Stock Rover's powerful and easy to use Stock and ETF Screening Facility.
Stock Screening Stock and ETFs, Ranked Screening Stock and ETFs, Ranked Screening, Equations
Stock Rover comes with a powerful charting package that provides the ability to chart stocks, ETFs, funds, indices, benchmarks as well as macro objects such as screeners, portfolios and watchlists. There are many fundamental and technical charts available, as well as chart modes such as logarithmic, candlestick and dividend adjusted return.
Stock Rover helps you keep tabs on your portfolio in a myriad of ways. Key portfolio features include optional brokerage integration, in-depth portfolio analysis tools, automatically emailed performance reports, future dividend income projection, Monte Carlo simulation tools for future performance, correlation tools, trade planning, and a re-balancing facility.
Portfolio management, Brokerage integration, Email Performance Reports Everything Everything
Insight Panel with In-Depth Financials
Stock Rover's Insight Panel is home to detailed fundamental data, financial statements, analyst ratings, company news, earnings transcripts and much more.
Research Reports
Stock Rover's Research Reports provides a comprehensive and unbiased investment analysis for each of the 7,000+ stocks tracked by Stock Rover. An individual Research Report consists of a detailed eight page analysis of a company across a wide variety of investment factors critical to evaluate when deciding the merits of an investment opportunity. The Research Reports tool is available as a separate product for $99.99/year or for $49.99/year when bundled with any yearly or two year Stock Rover Essentials, Premium or Premium Plus subscription plan.
Bundled Pricing Available Bundled Pricing Available Bundled Pricing Available
Fair Value and Margin of Safety
Stock Rover computes the fair value and margin of safety for all stocks in its universe. Stock Rover also computes a number of scores that rank stocks vs. their peers and the overall market. These scores include valuation, growth, profitability, capital efficiency, financial strength, quality, sentiment, momentum, the Piotroski F-Score and the Altman Z-Score. With these scores in hand it is easy to distinguish the performers from the non-performers in many different dimensions of investment performance.
10 Scores / month Insight Panel Only 20 Scores / month Insight Panel Only Unlimited Usage Insight Panel and Table
Stock Ratings
Our unique stock ratings facility distill complex historical data into percentile performance grades for stocks vs. their peers in key areas such as growth, valuation, efficiency, financial strength, quality, dividends and momentum. An overall grade is rendered for each stock, making it easy to evaluate and compare different investment opportunities.
10 ratings / month plus Dow 30 Unlimited
Investor Warnings
Our comprehensive Investor Warnings facility makes investors aware of characteristics of a given stock that makes it riskier and less desirable from an investment standpoint. Investor Warnings finds things that are hard to notice or would require a lot of manual work to figure out. Things you need to know!
10 tickers / month 20 tickers / month Unlimited
Get alerted in real time when anything of interests happens to any ticker you are interested in. Alerts can occur for anything from % price changes beyond a threshold, price levels being reached and unusual trading volume to events like certain P/E levels being reached or an upcoming earnings announcement. Alerts are sent via text and/or email.
Tickers Tickers, Portfolios, Watchlists, Indices Tickers, Portfolios, Watchlists, Indices
Earnings Calendar
Know which companies are going to announce earnings when with Stock Rover's flexible and easy to use Earnings Calendar. Select Day, Week or Month View. View companies sorted by ticker or market cap.
Markets is our daily financial news site designed to complement our signature Stock Rover research platform with real-time summaries, stats and news for U.S. and world markets. Key indices, stocks, ETFs, bonds and commodities are all covered in depth. Plus get comprehensive market and company news from a variety of user configurable news sources.
Want some fresh investing ideas? Head to the Stock Rover ideas panel. Updated regularly with investment articles and stock screeners that embody many different stock selection strategies, including favorites like growth, valuation, momentum as well as more esoteric ones like quality, magic formula or bargain hunters.


Screening Essential Plan Premium Plan Premium Plus Plan
Stock Screening
Create screeners using all the available Stock Rover financial metrics to create powerful screeners that find the investment candidates you want.
200+ Metrics 300+ Metrics 500+ Metrics
ETF Screening
Use Stock Rover's powerful ETF screener to find the ETF candidates that match your investing criteria from a universe of over 3000 ETFs.
90+ ETF Metrics 180+ ETF Metrics
Ranked Screening
Weight criteria in your screener to generate a score and rank of passing stocks. Stock Rover’s ranked screening gives you control and flexibility to help you find stocks that best match your investing goals. Weights on different criteria can also be applied to score and rank the stocks in your portfolios and watchlists. See how ranked screening works.
Screen on Historical Data
Use historical data, such as last year’s EPS, last quarter's free cash flow, or ROE in each of the last 5 years, to set up robust screening criteria that finds stocks that have performed to your standards over time.
Screen with Custom Equations
Want something more complex to find your ideal investment candidates? The freeform equation facility lets you go beyond simple filters to create anything you want. For example, find stocks whose Return on Invested Capital this year is at least 3% over the last 5 year average. Custom equations, along with access to historical data, takes screening to a whole new level in Stock Rover.
Screener Snapshots
Screener snapshots makes it easy for you to see how the tickers passing a screener are changing over time. You can compare a screener’s results against one or more past runs of the same screener. You can also compare a screener’s results to another screener’s results and see where the commonalities and differences lie.


Charting Essential Plan Premium Plan Premium Plus Plan
Valuation Charts
Valuation Charts allow you to visually evaluate the current valuation of a company vs. it’s historical norms and vs. other companies. There are four separate charts in the Valuation Charts package. They are Price vs. Fundamentals, Historical Range, Football Field and Scatter Plots.
Ratio Charts
Ratio Charts allow you to clearly see how the price of two stocks are trending against each other over time in a single ratio line. Ratio Charts support calculated technicals on the ratio line including Simple Moving Averages, Exponential Moving Averages and Bollinger Bands. In addition to price, Ratio Charts can also use fundamental metrics such as sales or earnings for the ratio numerator and/or denominator. There are well over 100 fundamental metrics available.
Image Export
Create a chart that you like in Stock Rover? One click saves it as an image that you can use anywhere. In email, documents, blogs, spreadsheets...
Fundamental Metrics
Chart fundamentals alongside your price chart for perspective on a company's financial and operational performance over time. See how fundamental metrics affect price and visa versa. Examples of fundamental metrics are Price / Earnings, Price / Book, Debt / Equity, Gross Margin etc.
6 Hundreds Hundreds
Chart Multiple Metrics Together
“Metric Packages” allow you to bundle multiple fundamental metrics together to see them charted simultaneously. For example, charting sales and net margin together can be very illuminating towards the performance of a company.


Portfolios Essential Plan Premium Plan Premium Plus Plan
Advanced Portfolio Analytics
Get detailed portfolio analytics including risk adjusted return, volatility, beta, correlation, Sharpe Ratio, component performance and much more.
The Trade Evaluator
The Trade Evaluator will analyze your trades and tell you in detail whether your trades added or subtracted from your performance, incorporating both the trade itself and dividends gained or lost. Trades are measured both on an absolute basis and can also be measured against a selected benchmark. You can see how your trading decisions affected your portfolio’s performance and how beneficial or detrimental your trades were to your investment returns.
Future Dividend Income Projection
Future Income is a tool that projects your future dividend income forward from the current date on a monthly basis. You can select any combination of your portfolios to include in the calculation. The monthly income is computed from the individual stocks, ETFs and mutual funds you own in the selected portfolios. The Future Income tool can display dividend income at the summary, portfolio and individual holdings levels.
Future Portfolio Simulation
Future Portfolio Simulation uses the Monte Carlo simulation technique to test long term expected portfolio growth under a myriad of scenarios, including portfolio survival based on regulars planned withdrawals. For example, the simulations can show you the odds that you can comfortably retire without going bankrupt.
Correlation Analysis
Correlation analysis is a tool for diversifying your portfolio—weakly correlated assets provide the only “free lunch” in investing. Stock Rover provides the ability to determine the correlations between stocks, ETFs, indices, and even portfolios and watchlists over any date range. Learn more about using correlation analysis.
Portfolio Rebalancing
Define the desired balance for each of your portfolios at the sector and individual stock level. Then monitor drift from ideal balance over time. When drift exceeds your threshold, generate the list of trades that will bring the portfolio back into balance. See more on portfolio rebalancing.
Trade Planning
Using your portfolio as a starting point, experiment with changes to the portfolio and see the effect on historical return, sector allocation, volatility, maximum drawdown, risk adjusted return, correlation with the S&P 500 and much more. Once a desired model portfolio is built, see the set of trades necessary to move from the current portfolio to the new model portfolio.

Additional Product Features

Additional Product Features Essential Plan Premium Plan Premium Plus Plan
Investor Library
The Investor Library is a free online repository of screeners, portfolios, including guru portfolios, watchlists, views, custom metrics, and research links. Items in the Investor Library can easily be imported into your Stock Rover account.
Data Export
Export current and historical table data to external programs such as Excel™ spreadsheets.
Auto Refresh
Set up auto refresh to have Stock Rover automatically refresh the table with the most recent intra-day prices at regular periods (1, 5, or 10 minutes) rather than waiting until the user takes the next action in the product.
Detachable Panels/Multi-Monitor Support
The ability to detach panels from the main Stock Rover application and display as an independent window on the same or separate monitor. The Insight Panel, Charts, Earnings Calendar, Ideas Panel, Portfolio Analytics, Portfolio Rebalancing and the Correlation Matrix are all examples of panels that can be detached.
Grouping for Portfolios, Watchlists and Screeners
The ability to create folders for your portfolios, watchlists and/or screeners. Each folder can then contain selected individual portfolios, watchlists or screeners. For example, for portfolios, separate folders could be created for your investment portfolios and your retirement portfolios.
User Defined Tags
Add a tag to tickers for quick reference or for a personal cataloging system. Rows can be grouped by tag for comparison.
Color Coding
Color rows in the table for temporary highlighting or to create your own cataloging system. Rows can be grouped by color. Color columns to highlight key metrics in a table.
Integrated Note-Taking
Keep track of your ideas and articles of interest using Stock Rover’s integrated notes facility. Notes are time-stamped and searchable, and they can be popped out of the Stock Rover window so that you can keep them open as you work in other parts of the program. Stock Rover also has a separate quick comment facility. Comment on a stock, ETF or fund and see the comment listed in the table for quick reference or edit.
Custom Metrics
Custom Metrics allow you to create you own financial metrics and have them integrated into Stock Rover as if they were built into the product. They are easy to create and are quite powerful, as they can source current or historical data from any of the over 500 existing metrics in Stock Rover.


Maximums Essential Plan Premium Plan Premium Plus Plan
The maximum number of screeners you can maintain in your account.
20 25 60
The maximum number of portfolios you can maintain in your account.
10 25 60
The maximum number of watchlists you can maintain in your account.
10 25 60
The maximum number of views you can maintain in your account. Each view is a separate tab in the table and consists of a set of columns (metrics). For example there may be a "Dividend" view or a "Returns vs. the S&P 500" view. Stock Rover ships with a robust set of default views that can be augmented and customized as desired.
75 100 125
Tickers in a Portfolio or Watchlist
The maximum number of tickers the can be stored in a single portfolio or a single watchlist.
100 250 600
Rows in the Table
The maximum number of rows that can be viewed in the table. Datasets that exceed the maximum will be split onto multiple pages. Examples of datasets are portfolios, watchlists, screeners, indices and user quote lists.
100 250 1000
The maximum number of portfolios you can view in the Dashboard. Free users can view one portfolio.
5 10 15
The maximum number of bookmarks (shortcuts) you can be maintain in your account.
20 40 60
Brokerage Connections
The maximum number of different brokerage houses that Stock Rover can automatically pull portfolios from. Note multiple portfolios can be pulled from a single brokerage house on a single brokerage connection.
2 3 6
Fair Value, Margin of Safety and Stock Scores
The Fair Value and Margin of Safety for a stock, plus the four quantitative scores for Growth, Value, Quality and Sentiment, ranging from from 0 (worst) to 100 (best).
10 Stocks per Month 20 Stocks per Month Unlimited
Research Reports
Research Reports are available for the Dow 30 stocks for all accounts. For unlimited Research Reports on over 7000 stocks, a separate Research Reports subscription is required.
Dow 30 only

All 7000+ stocks for $49.99 Year
Dow 30 only

All 7000+ stocks for $49.99 Year
Dow 30 only

All 7000+ stocks for $49.99 Year


Experience Essential Plan Premium Plan Premium Plus Plan
Ad-Free Experience
Guaranteed Ad-Free Experience in Stock Rover.
Mobile Experience
Stock Rover Mobile web experience designed for mobile phones and small tablets.
Technical Support
Receive individualized email support from Stock Rover's highly experienced and responsive technical support team. Support hours are Mon - Fri, 9AM to 5PM ET.
Prioritized Top Priority
Hotline Support
Speak to one of our highly experienced support staff with prioritized hotline support via our toll free hotline number.
$50 / year $50 / year


Pricing Essential Plan Premium Plan Premium Plus Plan
Stock Rover Premium Plans
Stock Rover has three paid premium plans; Essential, Premium and Premium Plus. Each plan has a monthly, yearly and two year pricing option. All premium subscriptions come with free, responsive email support.
<         $7.99 / month
   $79.99 / year
$139.99 / 2 yr
      $17.99 / month
 $179.99 / year
$319.99 / 2 yr
    $27.99 / month
 $279.99 / year
$479.99 / 2 yr
Research Reports Bundle for Annual Subscribers
Stock Rover's provides bundled discount pricing for Research Reports for all Stock Rover Essentials, Premium and Premium Plus subscribers that currently have a yearly or two year subscription plan.
+$49.99 / year +$49.99 / year +$49.99 / year
Research Reports Plans
Stock Rover's Research Reports are available to users with any Stock Rover monthly plan and to free users.
$99.99 / year $99.99 / year $99.99 / year
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