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Maximum # of Customizable Table Views
The maximum number of customizable table views you can maintain in your account. What are table views?
15 Each 30 Each
Maximum # of Screeners
The maximum number of saved screeners you can maintain in your account.
15 Each 30 Each
Maximum # of Tickers in a Portfolio or Watchlist
The maximum number of tickers the can be stored in a single portfolio or watchlist.
100 250
Maximum # of Portfolios and Watchlists
The maximum number of portfolios and watchlists you can maintain in your account.
10 Each 30 Each
Maximum # of Rows in Table
The number of items from any given dataset that can be viewed in the table. Datasets with over 100 stocks will be split onto multiple pages.
100 Unlimited

Financial Data

# Tickers Priced
The number of tickers for which Stock Rover has pricing data. Unknown tickers may be added dynamically by any user (see how).
40,000+ 40,000+
# Tickers Supported with In-Depth Financials
The number of tickers on supported exchanges. Stock Rover has in-depth financial data for these companies.
8000+ 8000+
# Financial Metrics Available
The pool of metrics available for your use in any table view. A number of metrics are premium only such as the Piotroski F-Score and many more. For a full list of our metrics please click here.
300+ 390+
Data Export
Export any current table data to external programs such as Excel™ spreadsheets.
Historical Data
The maximum historical period over which data in the table or chart can be viewed.
5 Years 10 Years

Key Benefits

Peer Comparison Table
Industry peers for any ticker are easily accessed in the customizable Peers table, located in the Insight panel. Use absolute or relative filters to narrow down the list of peers.
Insight Panel with In-Depth Financials
Stock Rover's Insight Panel is home to detailed fundamental data, links to earnings reports, and much more. Explore the Insight Panel.
Ticker-Specific News Feeds
In addition to market news, see news only related to the currently selected ticker.
Quotes Box
Keep a running list of quotes for quick reference, or for comparison to any set of tickers in the table. See how quotes work in Stock Rover.
Customizable Table views
Stock Rover's main table comes with a set of default table views, each containing a set of financial metrics. These can be easily customized to suit your needs—just add, remove, or rearrange columns, or create completely new views from scratch.
Stock Summary Tooltips
Key stock data delivered to you seamlessly in a mouseover tooltip. See an example. Tooltips can be controlled through your account preferences.
Alerts on Stock Activity
Get notified immediately when something important changes in your portfolios, watchlists or for any individual stocks you are interested in. See more on Alerts.


Filter Stocks in the Table
Set up filters for any population of stocks you are viewing in Stock Rover's table
Saved Screeners to Run Anytime
Save your screeners to run them instantly on all stocks in North American exchanges
Basic Screening with 250+ Metrics
Create screeners using over 250 financial metrics
Screen with Custom Equations
The freeform equation facility lets you go beyond simple filters to create relative criteria comparing metrics, or to define specific growth levels. See examples of custom screening equations.
Screen on Historical Data
Use historical data, such as last year’s EPS, or ROE 5 years ago, to set up robust screening criteria that finds stocks that have performed to your standards over time
Ranked Screening
Weight criteria in your screener to generate a score and rank of passing stocks. Stock Rover’s ranked screening gives you control and flexibility to help you find stocks that best match your investing goals. Weights on different criteria can also be applied to score and rank the stocks in your portfolios and watchlists. See how ranked screening works.


Chart the S&P 500, Portfolios, Screeners, and Other Benchmarks
Chart up to 12 items at once, including stocks, ETFs, portfolios, watchlists, indeces, and more.
Set Any Item as a Baseline
In one click, set any item in your chart as a baseline to see how others compare. See a demonstration.
Technical Metrics in the Chart
Chart eight different technical metrics such as simple and exponential moving averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD, and more, can help you fine-tune your buy/sell decisions.
Chart Events such as Earnings, Splits, & Max Drawdown
Add indicators for important events in your chart, including earnings reports and splits.
Chart Configuration Shortcuts
Chart shortcuts save time by letting you instantly apply your favorite chart configuration—including time period, benchmarks, events, fundamental and technical indicators, and any other settings—to a ticker in your chart.
# of Fundamental Metrics in the Chart
Chart fundamentals alongside your price chart for perspective on a company's financial performance over time.
6 100+
Chart Multiple Metrics Together
“Metric Packages” allow you to bundle multiple fundamental metrics together to see them charted simultaneously. See an example.


Portfolio-Specific News
See news for tickers only in a given portfolio.
Portfolio Charting & Comparison in Table
Whole portfolios may be charted and compared in the table
Portfolio Performance Reporting Emails
Opt-in to daily, weekly, or monthly emailed reports on your portfolio and watchlists.
Alerts on Tickers in Portfolios and Watchlists
Set up alerts to be notified immediately on important activity for any stock in your portfolio or watchlist.
Portfolio Grouping
Group and analyze your portfolios in a variety of ways with a simple, yet flexible and powerful portfolio grouping facility.
Portfolio Rebalancing
Define the desired balance for each of your portfolios at the sector and individual stock level. Then monitor drift from ideal balance over time. When drift exceeds your threshold, generate the list of trades that will bring the portfolio back into balance. See more on portfolio rebalancing.
Trade Planning
Test potential trades and then compare your new model portfolio vs. your actual portfolio across many key risk, performance and sector balance metrics. Explore the Trade Planning facility.
Correlation Matrix
Correlation analysis is a tool for diversifying your portfolio—weakly correlated assets provide the only “free lunch” in investing. Stock Rover provides the ability to determine the correlations between stocks, ETFs, indices, and even portfolios and watchlists over any date range. Learn more about using correlation analysis.
Risk-Adjusted & Other Advanced Portfolio Analytics
Detailed portfolio analytics including volatility beta, risk adjusted return vs. the S&P 500, correlation vs. the S&P 500, Sharpe Ratio and more. Explore the Portfolio Analysis window.
Portfolio History
Maintain portfolio historical positions for true portfolio performance reporting over time. Understand which components of your portfolio had the most important contribution to performance.

More Goodies

Stock Rover Markets
Markets is our daily financial news site designed to complement our signature Stock Rover research platform with real-time summaries and stats on the markets for commodities, stocks, bonds, and ETFs, as well as stock quotes and news.
Color Coding
Color rows in the table for temporary highlighting or to create your own cataloguing system. Rows can be grouped by color.
Morningstar Grades
See how Morningstar rates a stock’s growth, profitability and financial health. Grades can be used in screeners.
Custom Tagging & Grouping
Add a tag to tickers for quick reference or for a personal cataloguing system. Rows can be grouped by tag for comparison.
Auto Refresh
Set up auto refresh to have Stock Rover automatically refresh the table with the most recent intra-day prices at regular periods (1, 5, or 10 minutes) rather than waiting until the user takes the next action in the product.
Integrated Note-Taking
Keep track of your ideas and articles of interest using Stock Rover’s integrated notes facility. Notes are time-stamped and searchable, and they can be popped out of the Stock Rover window so that you can keep them open as you work in other parts of the program.


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Technical Support
Premium Plan users automatically receive personalized email support included with their plan. Premium users can also opt for prioritized support along with toll-free hotline access for an additional $100/year (or $30/quarter for the quarterly plan).
Email / Hotline
Pricing Information
Basic accounts are completely free. Premium has both quarterly and yearly pricing options. All Premium accounts come with extremely responsive, free email support. Hotline support can be added for $100/year or $30/quarter.
Free! $74.99/Quarter


Stock Rover Anywhere
Access Stock Rover on your home computer or tablet. Bookmark our login page on your tablet.
Access to the Stock Rover Library
The Investors' Library is a free online store of screeners, portfolios, watchlists, views, metric packages, custom metrics, and research links. Any item in the Investors Library can be imported into your Stock Rover account.
Stock Rover Technical Support
Individualized email support within 2 business days, with prioritized hotline support available as a paid add-on. See our Support Policy Page for more information.
Ad-Free Experience in both Stock Rover and Stock Rover Markets
Ad-Free Experience in both Stock Rover and Stock Rover Markets
Detachable Panels/Multi-Monitor Support
The ability to detach panels from the main Stock Rover application and display as an independent window on the same or separate monitor. The Insight Panel, Charts, Portfolio Analytics and Portfolio Trade Planning can all be detached.