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Stock Rover currently has two versions available. The current version is V7.0 which is the most recent and modern incarnation of Stock Rover. We also fully support the older "Classic" V6.4 version, which has been the mainstay product for the last several years.

All users on the free plan, as well as all users that signed up after May 21st, 2018 will experience V7.0 only.

Users with paid subscriptions that signed up prior to May 21st, 2018 can seamlessly switch back and forth between V7.0 and V6.4 via the account dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of Stock Rover. To switch to V6.4, select "Back to Classic Version". To switch to V7.0, select "Try V7 Version".

There are extensive help resources for both versions of the product on the web site. The majority of the concepts are the same between the two products. They differ slightly in capability, but more so in look and feel.

To find the Stock Rover help you need, use the navigation menu on left. If you are new to Stock Rover, we recommend starting with the V7.0 overview.

You may also want to explore the following resources:

Stock Rover has run many educational webinars on a variety of investing topics including stock selection, screening, charting and using the features of Stock Rover for more effective stock research. To view our past webinars click here.

If you don't find the answer you are looking for, you can email our Support Team at However, please note that not all users are guaranteed an individualized response—see our support policies for more information.