Stock Rover™ Reviewed in Barron's - The Electronic Investor

Braintree, MA - April 28, 2012

Stock Rover today announced that Barron’s has reviewed Stock Rover™ in the “Week of April 30, 2012” edition of Barron’s Magazine in the Electronic Investor Column. The review can be read on the Barron’s web site.

From Barrons…

“If you stumble across Stock Rover’s landing page in your Internet travels, you might be inclined to move on: It looks like every other airy, Web 2.0 social-media site–complete with a warm-puppy logo. But if you skip the free registration and don’t log in, you’ll miss the “Wow!” moment I enjoyed.”

“No Website I’ve seen packs so much useful, context-appropriate information onto a single page. Lots of sites are crammed with disconnected bric-a-brac that tries to lure you into clicking on something–anything. Rover’s ( dashboard/portfolio page is packed with information that’s not only valuable, but relevant, too.”

About Stock Rover

Stock Rover LLC was founded in late 2008 as Howard Reisman and Andrew Martin began to design and engineer the pilot product, Stock Rover. Founded to help bring products to the market that would allow individual investors to make better decisions, Stock Rover looks to simplify the way investors make decisions by letting investors be in complete control of their investment process, from initial research to portfolio tracking.

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