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We are always looking to find ways of making Stock Rover more capable, and at the same time making it easier and more intuitive to use.

A number of features and capabilities have been added to Stock Rover in recent months. These enhancements have been added as part of a number of silent releases. Some of the changes are noticeable. Others are more subtle refinements. All are described in this blog post.

Navigation Tree Checkboxes

We have added a powerful and flexible new multi-select feature. The feature replaces and enhances the former technique of right-clicking on a folder and selecting “Show All Stocks”.

The new feature allows you to select either all items within a folder or a subset of items. This makes it easy to include whichever portfolios, watchlists or screeners you want in the table. It also allows you to run multiple screeners at the same time. Here’s how it works…

When you click on a folder or subfolder, checkboxes appear next to the folder items.

Using Portfolios as an example, under “Portfolios” we selected the Portfolios folder and then chose to populate the Table with tickers from two portfolios.

multiselect portfolios

Once we have selected the desired portfolios, we can show them in the table in one of two ways. We can show each portfolio as a row (grouping at the container level). Or we can show each of the holdings within the selected portfolios as a row (grouping by ticker). Tickers that are in multiple portfolios are summed together to form one row for the ticker. Each grouping option is described below.

Grouping by Container

Select the first button to display metrics at the container level. This button will change context based on what is selected in the Navigation Tree, showing either Portfolios, Watchlists, or Screeners in the Table.

This Portfolio Performance view is showing key metrics at the Portfolios level.

container level display

Grouping by Ticker

Select the second button “Stocks” to show all the tickers for the selected containers in the Table. This Portfolio Performance view in the table is showing key metrics for the tickers in the selected Portfolios.

ticker level display

Dynamic Columns

When you are viewing rows at the ticker level, two columns are dynamically added to the table to provide additional information.

The count column displays the number of selected Portfolios, Watchlists, or Screeners in which the ticker is found.

The containers column shows a list of Portfolios, Watchlists, or Screeners that include the ticker from the set that is checked. When you hover over this column for a given row, a tooltip pops up that shows additional information. For example, when showing portfolios the tooltip shows the quantity and value of the ticker for each selected portfolio.

count and container

Move Last / Move First Column Options

The Move Last column option is available when clicking on the heading for the count or container column. This option will move the count and container columns to the end of the table.

move last

If the columns are moved to the end, the Move First column option is available to move them back to the beginning of the table.

move first

Running Multiple Screeners

One of the big benefits of the checkbox enhancement is the multiselecting of screeners, which means you can now run many screeners simultaneously, targeting tickers that pass all of the selected screeners.

The screenshot below shows the table displaying all of the tickers that pass the three selected screeners.

  1. The Count column shows how many screeners each ticker passes
  2. The Screeners column lists the screeners that passed the ticker
  3. The Tooltip is helpful when a ticker matches many screeners

run multiple screeners

Dynamic Screener Views

When you run a screener, there are two dynamic views created that are very useful in helping to analyze the screener results: the Filters View and the Scores View.

Filters View

The new Screener Filters view dynamically changes which columns it displays in the table based on the screener selected. Each of the the screener’s filter criteria is shown as a separate column.

The view is created when you select the “Run in Table” option in the Screener Manager.

run in table

The Screener Filters view makes it easy to quickly see which tickers pass a screener and why.

  1. Once created, the view can be referenced at any time in the Screener folder
  2. Each row corresponds to a ticker that passes the screener’s filter criteria
  3. Each column corresponds to a filter referenced in the screener

screener filters view

If you run a different screener, the columns will change to match the filters from the new screener.

Scores View

The new Screener Scores view shows how a selection of tickers performs against a set of filters from a screener.

The view is created in the Screener Manager when you select either “Score Table”, “Score Portfolio”, or “Score Watchlist”.

Below we have selected to score a portfolio using the eight criteria from the Safe Performers screener.

create screener scores view

Each ticker is shown with a score column that is calculated based on how many of the screener’s filtering criteria it passed and failed, along with the screener’s filter results as columns.

  1. The Score column shows how many of the eight criteria the ticker passed and failed
  2. The columns display includes the eight criteria of the screener
  3. A tooltip shows the screener criteria that the ticker passed and failed, and why

screener scores view

Additional Enhancements

Trade Evaluator Comment Facility

The Trade Evaluator Detail view now provides for the ability to add comments to your trades. Comments are tracked at the trade level. Comments can help you document your thoughts and reasoning regarding your decisions to buy or sell.

Entering comments is done by simply typing text directly into the Comments column.

comments trade evaluator

Dividend Coverage Ratio (DCR) Added to the Football Field Chart

The Football Field valuation chart now includes the Dividend Coverage Ratio (DCR).

The chart below shows valuation data for IBM by comparing the current valuation metrics (blue vertical line) vs. its two-year range.

football field

Copy Portfolio History

The Copy Portfolio function now includes the option to copy the portfolio’s history. When “Copy with History” is checked, the newly copied portfolio is a replica of the original portfolio with full position and transaction history.

copy portfolio

If the box is left unchecked, then just the current positions and the basis are brought over. The transaction history is left behind.

New Date Control Preset Buttons

The date control has been enhanced with more preset buttons, making it quicker and easier to select common time periods.

  1. Select the date control by clicking on the date range
  2. Selecting “More Periods” exposes the 5 Day through 10 Years and Max presets
  3. There are now preset buttons for 5 Day through 10 years

date control

This date control is available in the:

  • Dashboard – Portfolio Chart
  • Chart
  • Analytics
  • Correlation

Mobile UI Updates

A new Mobile UI has greatly increased the Stock Rover functionality for phone and tablet. The expanded mobile capability is packaged in a new, modern mobile design.

mobile ui

The Mobile UI comes with:

  • A new dashboard
  • Dark mode
  • The ability to modify, create, and delete Portfolios, Watchlists and Screeners
  • Research via the Table, Chart, and Insight Panel
  • Brokerage Connect
  • Analytics and Future Income portfolio tools

The Mobile UI also includes a new Card layout that is unique to mobile devices. The Card layout provides a succinct and colorful way to compare equities in a compact form.

The Card layouts include information on Analyst Returns, Dividend Yield, Earnings Surprise, Growth, Company Profile, Profit Margins, Ratings vs. Peers, Return and Valuation.

mobile ui card


There have been a number of additions and enhancements since the release of Stock Rover V10. We believe these changes deliver even more power and flexibility to you, while at the same time keeping Stock Rover easy and intuitive to use.

As always, if you have questions or comments please, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support department at


HR says:

These are great updates. Starting to show you have the customer experience in mind when developing improvements.

Pedro Cotta says:

These new features deserve a video lesson.

Roman says:

The upgrades are great! Moving in the direction of excellent ability to manage the portfolio. You guys are incredible! Thank you.

Jm says:

Hi should be nice to have an Android App of Stock Rover.

Alex Hew says:

In moving to the portfolios/stocks toggle for viewing multiple portfolios, we’ve lost the summary row at the bottom when viewing individual stocks. I can only see summary when viewing at the portfolio summary level. Can we get this back?

Howard Reisman says:

The summary row should be there for individual stocks as well. Please send a screenshot to support if this is not what you are seeing.

Alex Hew says:

Disregard, it is there I just couldn’t see it; zooming out 10% resolves.

Bob Houle says:

This is a brilliant addition to an already wonder set of investing tools. Each week I wonder what’s next to even more improve this vital resource!

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