Modifying a Screener


The Screener Manager gives us access to all things related to screeners.

We can change all kinds of screening criteria. For example we screen based on Equity Type – Stock, Preferred, or ETF. We can also change the Universe of Stocks to select from – for example All Exchanges, Major US listings, or perhaps just the S&P 500. We can also change which metrics to screen and what criteria to screen on.

Accessing the Screener Manager

  1. Click on Screeners in the Start Menu
  2. Select the desired screener in the Navigation Panel
  3. Select Modify this Screener under Screener Actions

Update screener

The Screener Manager will then load the screening criteria for the currently selected screener. The preview pane displays a sampling of the tickers that meet the screening criteria.

Update screener

Changing Screener Criteria

To update the screener’s criteria, select the desired metric, and click on the edit icon. When you have finished updating the screener, click ‘Save’.

Update screener

Note that as you edit the criteria you will dynamically see how many stocks pass the screener. You can also toggle different filters on or off and see how the results change. The screenshot below highlights toggling off one of the criteria and viewing the results change in the preview pane.

Update screener

Previewing Screener Results

Screener Manager displays a preview pane with a sampling of the tickers that meet the screening criteria. The preview pane is dynamic and will change when the criteria is modified.

The ‘Passing Stocks Preview’ pane displays up to the first 100 tickers that pass the screener. Along the bottom a count of the number of passing tickers is maintained.

To research the full list of tickers that pass the screener click on on ‘Run in Table’. This will load the Table with All the tickers that pass the screener’s criteria.

preview pane

Using the ‘Test Tickers’ feature you can determine why ticker(s) did not pass a screener’s criteria. Simply enter the ticker in the ‘Add Ticker’ box. The added ticker(s) will then show at the top of the Passing Stocks Preview window along with a score.

In our example we entered AAPL to see why it did not pass the screening criteria. We see that AAPL met 44% (4 out of 9) criteria. Mousing over the score will reveal a filter breakdown of which criteria passed and which failed.

preview pane

Running a Screener Advanced Screener Features