Types of Views

In Stock Rover, Views are containers that are named and contain a list of Stock Rover metrics that are displayed either in table or tile form. For example a View may be named Growth, and it could contain metrics like EPS 1 Year change %, Sales 1 year Change %, PEG Forward, Growth Rating vs. Peers etc.

We have two types of views, the Table View and the Tile View.

The Table View is available in all three paid plans and uses a spreadsheet-like paradigm.

The Tile View is available in the Premium Plus plan only and is a view that displays both tabular and graphical data together.

Table View

Below you can see the Table Layout selected along with a portfolio and a Table View called Profile.

The Profile View is displaying the metrics as columns for each of the tickers.

Right-clicking on a column or row exposes additional display options.

Table View

Tile View

  1. The Table Layout is selected.
  2. The Profile Tiles view is selected.
  3. Changes the configuration and display settings.
  4. Select a date range for the chart.

Tile View

Finding and Selecting a View

Views categorized into folders. To change to a different click on the Views pull-down menu as seen below then select a folder, followed by the desired view.


Views can also be selected by right-clicking on the View tab as seen in the screenshot below and then choosing the Switch View option which displays the list of folders.


Creating a New View

New views can easily be created to contain the metrics you want to see together. The create option is available when you right-click on any view tab and select Create View.


Then select the type of View to create either Table View or Tile View.


Creating a Table View

  1. Name the View.
  2. Add an optional description.
  3. Select a specific metric folder or All Metrics.
  4. Select the metrics to include in the View.
  5. Shows the metrics included in the View.
  6. Click Save.


Creating a Tile View

  1. Name the View.
  2. Add an optional description.
  3. Select a predefined metric group.
  4. Select any additional metrics.
  5. Select a Chart type (Price, One Fundamental, or Multiple Fundamentals).
  6. Configure the Chart Options.
  7. Click Save.


Modifying Views

Any view can be modified to include additional metrics or remove existing metrics.
The Modify option can be accessed two different ways.

  1. Right-click on the Views pull down menu.
  2. Right-click on any of the View tabs.


Modifying a Table View

  1. Select a specific metric folder or All Metrics.
  2. Search for a specific metric to add.
  3. Select the metric(s) to add to the View.
  4. Remove existing metric(s) from the View.
  5. Click Save.


Modifying a Tile View

  1. Change metric group.
  2. Add any additional metrics.
  3. Change the Chart type (Price, One Fundamental, or Multiple Fundamentals).
  4. Change the Chart Options.
  5. Click Save.


Renaming, Copying and Deleting Views

Any of the views can by renamed, copied, or deleted. These options are available when you right-click on any view tab.


View Folders

Views are logically grouped into folders.

Selecting Modify Views allows us to modify the folder structure.

View Folder

Creating a Folder

To Create a Folder, click on Views in the Views (Modify) window and select “Create Folder”.

Create View Folder

The newly created folder will appear as the last folder. You can then drag and drop the folder to reposition it. Below we are dragging a newly created “My Favorites” folder to position it before the Ratings Folder.

Drag View Folder

Modifying a Folder

Right-clicking on the Folder allows you to:

  1. Create a new View
  2. Import a View
  3. Browse the View Library
  4. Rename the Folder
  5. Delete the Folder

Modify a View

We can also drag and drop Views between folders. Below we are dragging the “Returns vs S&P500” view to the “My Favorites” folder.

Drag a View

Browsing the Library for new Views

Stock Rover has a library which contains the default views and other views available to be imported. The Browse View Library option is available when you right-click on any of the View Tabs.


Once in the library you can scroll thru the different views and select the ones you want to import.


Importing and Exporting Views

All views can be exported to a .txt file and shared with other Stock Rover users or used as a backup copy. To export a view, right-click on the view tab and select ‘Export’. To import a Stock Rover view, right-click on the view and select ‘Import’ then browse to the file.

Import and Export

Creating a Custom Metric

Custom metrics can be created and added to any of your views. As seen in the screenshot below you can create a custom metric by right-clicking on a View tab and selecting ‘Create Custom Metric’.


For more detailed information on creating custom metrics, see our Create Custom Metrics section. Note: Custom Metrics are only available in Premium Plus.

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