Creating Alerts

Set an Alert for a Ticker

Select the ‘Create Alert’ tab, this will bring up a window where you can set a variety of price-related alerts for the ticker. Enter the ticker into the ticker box and hit enter, then select the alert criteria you would like and the type of alert you would like to get, either email or text or both. The first time you set up a text alert, you’ll be prompted to enter in your phone number.


Set an Alert for an Index

An alert can also be set up for an index. To create an alert for an index, first select Index at the top, then select an index from the pull down box highlighted below. Once an index is select, you can enter the alert criteria, and click ‘Save Alert’.


Set an Alert for a Portfolio or Watchlist

An alert can be set up for a group of tickers by applying the alert to a portfolio or a watchlist. Please note that this will not apply the alert to the portfolio as a whole, but rather it applies the alert to each individual ticker within the portfolio or a watchlist. To create an alert for a portfolio or watchlist, first select ‘Portfolio or Watchlist’ from the top and then select a portfolio or watchlist from dropdown menu. Once you’ve selected a portfolio or a watchlist, you can enter in the alert criteria, and click ‘Save Alert’.


Alert Comments

As highlighted in the screenshot below the comments box is available for the user to add additional comments to the message that is sent out via email, text or table.


Alerts Overview Managing Alerts