Stock Ratings Overview

No one can predict the future. But given that, past performance provides the most likely scenarios for what might happen.

The Stock Ratings facility provides investors with a simple overall percentile rank of a company within an industry group. The rating is based on the a weighted summation of the component percentile ranks of the company in a number of areas such as operational performance, balance sheet strength, efficiency, valuation and momentum. Both the actual performance and the volatility of the performance are considered when computing a company's rating.

Note: Stock Ratings is limited to US stocks only currently. There is a more in-depth discussion of Stock Ratings in our blog post.

The Stock Ratings facility also provide context information on the momentum and price performance of the underlying industry group and sector so an assessment can be made as to whether the company is currently experiencing headwinds or tailwinds in the market.

Note: The order of the ticker list in the navigation panel of Stock Ratings is controlled by how the table is currently ordered.


How Stocks are Rated