What is the difference between a portfolio and a watchlist?
What portfolio management capabilities does Stock Rover have?
How do I create a portfolio?
How do I combine portfolios?
How do I see all my holdings across multiple portfolios in the table?
Do you support short positions?
Do you support options?
Do you support day trading?
Will I be able to link to my brokerage account?
I already have my portfolio information elsewhere. How do I get it into Stock Rover?
How many portfolios and watchlists can I create?
How many securities can I have in a portfolio or watchlist?
How can I create an equal-weight portfolio?
Are portfolio summary values simple averages or weighted averages by what I own?
Is it possible to chart a portfolio in Stock Rover?
Does charting a portfolio assume dividend reinvestment?
I deleted my portfolio (or watchlist) by accident, can I get it back?
How can I see my portfolio's allocation?
Is it possible to see portfolio position sizes in percentage terms?
Can I see total return including dividends but not reinvested?
Do the returns in Portfolio Analysis assume dividend reinvestment?
Why are my portfolio returns different in the Table versus in the Chart?
Why are there differences in returns data in the main Table vs. Portfolio Analysis?
In the Update Portfolio window, what does checking ‘Adjust Cash Automatically’ do?
What are the adjusted cost records in the Portfolio Manager’s transaction table?
Is there a way to update a portfolio by importing?
Is there a way to include a user-defined security in a portfolio?
Why does the Holdings tab show holdings that I no longer own?
How do I move a portfolio from My Portfolios to My Watchlists? I can't seem to drag and drop.
Is there an audit trail of trades per portfolio?
How are Start and End Values calculated in the Holding Details table in Portfolio Analytics?
Can you correlate stocks?
Why can't I enter my sell price for a ticker?
Why is my buy date listed incorrectly?
How are dividends handled in my portfolio holdings?
What do the "Adjusted Cost" actions refer to?
Why is the IRR value different in Holdings Detail vs. Risk and Reward?