Selecting Tickers

Setting a Primary Ticker

There are a couple of ways to add a ticker to the chart. You can add a ticker by typing in the ticker name in the ticker box as seen below. You can also add tickers to the Chart while viewing the Table. Please see the following section under Manipulating the Table for more detail.


After entering the ticker in the ticker box it will display the chart as seen below.


Adding Comparison Tickers

You can compare other tickers to your primary ticker by entering new tickers directly into the ‘Compare To’ box, highlighted in the screenshot below.


In the screenshot below you can see the Chart with two tickers added to compare to the primary ticker. These tickers appear in the chart with two different colors.


You can edit the comparison tickers by selecting the pull down menu next to the Compare To text. Here you can remove existing tickers by clicking the x to the right of the ticker. You can also add additional tickers by typing the ticker directly ticker into Add box.


Changing the Primary Ticker

The highlighted ticker on the left is consider the primary ticker. It is the ticker that any technicals or fundamental drawn in the chart will apply to. You can change the primary ticker by clicking on another ticker in the dropdown list. The list consists of tickers you recently referenced. You can also type a new ticker directly into the box.

Selecting ticker

Highlighting Tickers

With multiple lines in the chart, if you mouse over the ticker at the top of the chart it will bold the line so you can better see the line in the chart as highlighted in the screenshot below.

You can also mouse over a line within the chart and the ticker that the line belongs to will be highlighted with a box drawn around it on the top portion of the chart.

Bolded Line

Removing Tickers

To remove a ticker from a chart you can click the ‘x’ next to the ticker as shown below.

Reset Chart

Setting Chart Options Setting the Time Period