Are portfolio summary values simple averages or weighted averages by what I own?

When the contents of a portfolio are displayed in the main table, the summary row will show a value-weighted average based on what you own. A high-value holding will therefore have a correspondingly bigger impact on this summary total than that of a stock you own less of.

Stock Rover also handles a few additional nuances beyond doing a simple present-value weighted average that you might do in a spreadsheet. For example, with P/E the correct way to average the values is to convert it to earnings yield (which is the inverse of P/E), average that value, and then show the inverse of earnings yield. This goes for P/B, P/S, etc. For something like Return 1-Year we calculate the weight based on the value of the holding 1 year ago as opposed to today’s value. These are just a few examples of how we provide more meaningful summaries than what is possible in a simple spreadsheet.

Note that if you have typed comparison stocks that are not part of the current portfolio into the Quotes Box then they will not affect any of the summary row values.

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