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May 11, 2024 Printer Friendly Printer Friendly

We have added a cool new feature to Stock Rover called the Screener Snapshot Facility. Screener snapshots makes it easy for you to see how the tickers passing a screener are changing over time.

With the snapshot facility you can compare a screener’s results against one or more past runs of the same screener. You can also compare a screener’s results to another screener’s results and see where the commonalities and differences lie.

The snapshot facility shows which tickers appear in all runs, and which tickers only appear in some of the runs, breaking it down by which tickers appear in which runs.

A special capability emerges when comparing two runs of the same screener on different dates. New tickers that meet a screener’s filtering that didn’t in the past are grouped and are highlighted in green. Tickers that met the criteria in the previous run, but no longer meet the criteria are grouped and highlighted in red. Tickers that passed both are grouped together, but not highlighted.

All of the new capabilities are described below.

Please note:  the Screener Snapshot Facility is available to Premium and Premium Plus subscribers.

Taking a Snapshot of a Screener

The first step in using the Screener Snapshot Facility is taking a snapshot of a screener run. Doing this will capture a moment-in-time list of all the tickers that currently meet a screener’s filtering criteria.

The snapshot is saved as a watchlist in a specially named format using the screener name and the date the snapshot was taken. It is automatically stored in the Screener Results watchlist folder.

To take a snapshot of a screener, you begin by right-clicking on a selected screener in the Navigation panel and selecting ‘Snapshot Screener Results’ from the drop-down menu or clicking ‘Snapshot Screener Results’ under Screener Actions.

launch snapshot of screener

A message will confirm you are creating a screener run using the naming convention
screener name yyyy-mm-dd and that it will be placed in the Screener Results folder under Watchlists.

confirm snapshot of screener

Below we see a newly created screener run with the results of the Capital Efficiency screener as of May 9th, 2024 showing in the Table. Note there are also screener results as of May 13th 2023, and as of May 11th, 2022.

show screener runs

Using the Group By Watchlist Feature

Next, we make sure we are in Table Layout and we group the screener runs so that we can see the change in screener results.

  1. Using the checkbox feature we select the desired screener runs
  2. We then right-click on any column in the Table and select Group By ➡ Watchlist

group by watchlist

When two screener runs are selected:

  1. Tickers that drop from a screener run will be grouped in red
  2. Tickers that are persistent are grouped with no color
  3. Tickers that are new to a screener run will be grouped in green

show two screener runs

When more than two screener runs are selected, the tickers are grouped by concurrent screener run. A tooltip shows the screener runs associated with the ticker.

show three screener runs


The ability to compare a screener’s results against one or more past runs of the same screener is a powerful addition to Stock Rover.

Using this feature, you can quickly see which tickers are new to a screener, which ones are persistent, and which tickers dropped from a screener.

You can likewise analyze multiple screener runs and determine which tickers are continually meeting a screener’s criteria.


Jim E says:

This looks very interesting and raises a couple of questions on how to use it effectively.

Can you only create a Screener Watchlist on current data? It would be great if you could create comparative screens from various past dates – in your example, create the screener results as of May 13th 2023, and as of May 11th, 2022 as you need them. Is there a way to do this?

Otherwise I presume you have to predict what you want to analyze, create screener watchlists at points in time, wait a year (or 2 in that example) and potentially reach the limit of your Watchlist.

Norbert says:

That would be the truly powerful addition. Such backtesting would allow one to see how the screener performed over time. It would be absolutely amazing to come up with criteria for a screener, screen for results as of a date in the past (let’s say 5/23/2023), and create an equal weighted portfolio and see how such portfolio would’ve performed over the following year..

Maybe one day!

Howard Reisman says:

Yes, that is correct. The idea is you create screeners over time and compare the results.

To do what you want is a feature called backtesting, which is a feature the product doesn’t currently have, but is on our roadmap to address at some point in the future.

Doug Motsenbocker says:

I tried to run the “Snapshot Screener Results” with “Liberated Stock Trader Beat the Market Screener” using its View but I get an error message: “Stock Rover server could not process your request.” I was able to create a Snapshot using other screeners but not “Liberated…”. What am I doing wrong?

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