If you would like to be automatically logged into Stock Rover whenever you use the product, you will need to take the following two steps.

First bookmark a page in you browser in the product other than Stock Rover’s home page. For example,

Then log in again and make sure the “Stay Signed in” option is checked. Please see the screenshot below to see what needs to be checked.


Now when you go to this bookmarked page, your credentials are saved and you will not need to log in to use Stock Rover.

Once you have set auto-login up, you should exit Stock Rover by closing the browser. If you explicitly log out of Stock Rover, it will cancel the auto-login, and you will need to log in normally the next time. Also note that after approximately two weeks of inactivity, i.e. not using Stock Rover, the auto login will go stale and a normal login will be required.

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