Introduction to Stock Rover

This Introduction video covers the layout, navigation and key features of Stock Rover.

After watching this video, you should feel comfortable using Stock Rover productively and be ready to explore additional features and capabilities not explicitly covered in the video.

The video is approximately 20 minutes long. There is also an accompanying transcript of the audio.

Note: Some of the features shown require a Stock Rover Premium or Premium Plus subscription.

Key Topics in the Video

  • 0:00     Introduction
  • 0:16     The Layout of Stock Rover
  • 0:28     The Start Menu
  • 0:42     The Dashboard
  • 1:28     Markets
  • 2:05     Portfolios
  • 3:15     The Table and Views
  • 6:16     Charting
  • 7:47     The Insight Panel
  • 8:55     The All View
  • 9:39     Modifying a Portfolio
  • 11:15   Watchlists
  • 12:00   Screeners
  • 14:24   The World
  • 15:27   Quotes
  • 17:00   Drag & Drop, Multi-Select, Search and Help

To learn more about Stock Rover, you can visit our help pages for complete details on the features and operation of Stock Rover.

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