How Quotes Work

Quotes are tickers that you enter manually to Stock Rover. Quotes are entered via The Ticker Box, which is highlighted in the screenshot below. Quotes are maintained in the Quotes List, which is the top item in the Navigation Panel right below the Ticker Box. The actual tickers in the Quotes List can be expanded or collapsed in via the arrow left of the Quotes label. In the screenshot below, quotes are collapsed.

quotes listlocation

Adding tickers to the Quotes List does not add them to any of your portfolios or watchlists. They will however appear in the table along with the tickers of your portfolios or watchlists. They are included in the table so you can easily compare the tickers in the Quotes List to your selected data set, such as a portfolio, watchlist or an index like the Dow 30 or the S&P 100.

Tickers in the Quotes List will appear in the bold so you can differentiate between the tickers that are in the table because of the Quotes List vs. tickers that are there as a natural part of the selected data set.

You can exclude tickers from the Quotes List via the switch to the right of the Quotes label in the Navigation panel. As you can see in the screenshot below, the radio button next to quotes is in the ON position. This is visible in the Navigation Panel or at the top of the table in the blue bar as highlighted in the screenshot below. Also highlighted are a couple of tickers in bold to show which tickers are from the quotes list.

quotes listlocation

The quotes can also easily be turned off and this can be done by clicking the radio button next to quotes as seen in the screenshot below and this will remove the bold tickers from the data set in the table.

quotes listlocation

More information about Quotes can be found here.

There is a video that explains the Quotes List and how it works. The video can can be viewed here.

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