The Table

To display the table in the tablet UI, select ‘Table’ in the top right of the screen. Tap on an item in the Navigation panel to display it in the Table. To scroll up or down or side to side in the Table, drag your finger anywhere in the Table area accordingly. As in the web app, the ‘Ticker’ column will always remain visible. The bar of View buttons at the top of the Table is also scrollable in the same manner.

scrolling in the table

Tapping the ‘Ticker’ cell of the ticker that is selected in the table (the row that is blue) will open an info box for that ticker, shown below. This contains the same information as the ticker info tooltip in the web app.

ticker info box

To exit this info box, tap ‘OK.’

The cells of certain graphical metrics such as 52-wk Range and Yearly EPS (shown below) will also display additional information for the selected ticker when tapped once.

yearly eps

Long pressing a row in the Table gives you a menu (shown below) with options to see ticker information, chart the item, add it to a portfolio or watchlist, or remove it from the current portfolio/watchlist (if relevant). When you add something to a portfolio, you will be prompted to fill in a quantity and buy price, as well as choose a destination portfolio.

double tapping row in the table

You can save any population of stocks you are looking at in the Table as a portfolio or watchlist by tapping the wrench in the table’s toolbar, circled below. Here you can also choose to add a View, or change the columns of the current View. To exit the menu without selecting either option, tap outside of the menu. If you choose to save the Table as a portfolio or watchlist, you will be prompted to give it a name.

saving the table

Note that, unlike in the web app, in the tablet UI you cannot adjust the buy prices or quantities of tickers once they are already in a portfolio.

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