The Insight Panel

To access the Insight panel, click the ‘Insight’ button in the top-right of the screen, shown below. The Insight panel will reflect whatever ticker is selected on the left-side (in this example it’s AAPL.) Simply tap a new ticker on the left to select it, and thus update the Insight panel with information for that ticker.

The Summary tab shows almost all the same information as in the web app, with the exception of the items under ‘Filings.’

In the Detail tab (shown below), you can select a section through the drop-down menu (circled.)

the insight panel

In the News tab, tapping a news story will open the full news story in a new browser tab.

In the Peers tab (shown below), tap the green plus sign in a ticker row to add that ticker to the Research Box. Click the wrench in the top right to add or remove columns.

the peers tab

The Research tab is not accessible in the tablet version. Notes are not accessible in the tablet UI. To view and edit your notes, you must access the Stock Rover web app.

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