Import a New Portfolio

In Stock Rover it is possible to import a portfolio that is in either a .csv, .xls, .xlsx or .txt format, which means that you can import portfolios from most brokerage houses, as well as portfolios contained in spreadsheets and portfolios that have been exported from Stock Rover.

You can also import a portfolio from the Stock Rover’s Investors’ Library. For more information on the Investors’ Library, please see the Library help documentation.

Please note that you cannot combine two portfolios by importing one into the other.

Note to Mac users: You may need to save your .csv or .txt portfolio file as a Windows CSV file from Excel before importing.

The format of the file you import is typically an Excel spreadsheet, or a CSV or text file. There are three different content import types you can perform. The first one is “Holdings on One Date”. This type of file should have the headings Ticker and Quantity. It can also have a Price column. If the price column exists, it will be used for the cost basis. If it is omitted, the current price for the stock or ETF will be used as the cost basis. If the file has a Buy Date column, it will be ignored since the Position As of date, which is specified in a dropdown in the import window is used as the buy date. The contents of an example import file is shown below.

Ticker, Quantity, Price
AXP, 200, 124.77
BK, 400, 50.29
COP, 250, 64.01

The second type is “Purchases on Different or Multiple Buy Dates (Partial History)”. With this import, the Ticker, Quantity and Buy Date columns are all required. The quantity column refers to the number of shares purchased by the portfolio on the date. If a sale occurs on a given date, simply enter a negative quantity for shares. The Price column for setting the cost basis is optional. If the price column is omitted, it will use the current price for the stock as the cost basis.

Date, Ticker, Quantity, Price
7/31/2019, AXP, 100, 124.77
7/31/2018, AXP, 200, 130.50
7/31/2017, AXP, 300, 150.00

Note here is a list of the valid date formats:

  • 7/31/2020
  • 07/31/2020
  • 7/31/20
  • 07/31/20
  • 2020-07-31

The third option is “Import From Stock Rover Full History Export”. This is used if you have have exported a portfolio from your own account in Stock Rover format or received a portfolio from another Stock Rover user in Stock Rover format and would like to import it into your account.

To import from a file right click on ‘Portfolios’, and select ‘Create Portfolio’ and in the following screen, select ‘Import from file’.


This will bring up the Import window. In the first step select the import content type. In the second step, click ‘Browse’ to navigate to the file that you want to import. In the one date option, Enter an ‘Position As Of’ date for the start of the portfolio, as called out in the first screenshot, which will be used to keep track of your historical positions, as well as be utilized in the Portfolio Analysis facility.

The window with “Holdings on One Date” import option selected.


The window with “Purchases on Different or Multiple Buy Dates (Partial History)” import option selected.


From here, you can look over the portfolio to ensure it was read correctly, and make any changes as needed. If it was read correctly, click ‘Import’ button, as highlighted in the screenshots above, and the portfolio will be added under ‘Portfolios’ in the Navigation panel.

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