Why is every stock in the Quotes Box in all of my portfolios? How do I get rid of them?

The tickers in the Quotes Box are not actually in your portfolios. They are just listed along with your portfolio stocks for comparison purposes. This is a powerful investment research feature of Stock Rover.

To stop tickers in the Quotes Box from appearing in the main Table, simply click the button next to ‘Quotes’ in the navigation panel. You can also right click on Quotes in the Navigation Panel and then uncheck the ‘Include All in Table’ checkbox in the header of the Quotes Box management window to turn off the quotes.

Also note that Quotes Box tickers may be removed individually by clicking on the ‘X’ to the right of the ticker symbol in the Quotes Box. Individual quotes can also be removed by right clicking on the ticker itself in the table and selecting ‘Remove from Quotes List’ from the resulting drop down menu.

To remove all tickers in the Quotes Box, right click on Quotes and then click on the ‘Remove All’ button in the resulting Quotes Box management window.

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