How do I use the Quotes List?

The Quotes List is used to let Stock Rover know you are interested in a ticker, whether it is to do a quick price check or for the purposes of more comprehensive investment research. The quote will gain focus in whatever context you are working (table, chart, insight panel) and will be added to the quotes list. If the table is visible, the quotes list can be used to add tickers to the Table on an individual basis.

You can add tickers to the Quotes List by entering their company names or ticker symbols in the Quotes List entry field (where it says ‘Enter Ticker’). Multiple quotes may be added by listing the individual tickers separated by spaces.

Quotes in the quote list will appear in the table if the quotes are turned on in the quotes list.

Quotes list makes it very easy to add additional stocks for research to an existing dataset such as a portfolio for comparison purposes. If a ticker is in the table by virtue of being on the quotes list, it will be bolded

For more information and screenshots, see our Help section on the Quotes List.

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