Start Menu

All of Stock Rover’s features and capabilities are accessible from the vertical Start Menu located on the left side of the screen.

The Start Menu is logically grouped into five separate sections.

  1. Today’s Market – provides us with a performance overview of our portfolios as well as the overall market.
  2. My Collections – this is where we perform research on the tickers that comprise our Portfolios, Watchlists, and Screeners. Under “World” we can select entire Indices, Sectors, ETFs, Commodities, and more. We can also create, modify, or delete Portfolios, Watchlists, and Screeners.
  3. Portfolio Tools – these tools enable us to take a deep dive into portfolio performance.

    Users who wish to connect Stock Rover to their brokerage will want to pay special attention to the Brokerage Connect tool.

    Brokerage Connect establishes a read–only feed to brokerage account(s) and synchronizes the positions with Stock Rover portfolios. The Stock Rover portfolios then mirror the portfolio(s) in the brokerage account(s).

  4. Research Tools – these tools and resources deliver more research capabilities.
  5. My Bookmarks – we can customize the Start Menu with the parts of Stock Rover that we use most often and want quick access to.

Start Menu

Quick Start Introduction Dashboard