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Research Reports

Research Reports provides a comprehensive summary on any of the 7000+ stocks we track in Stock Rover on the U.S. and Canadian exchanges. Research reports can be viewed in your browser and can be produced in PDF format for portability and sharing.

You can run the facility by right clicking on any stock ticker from the Table and selecting Research Report as shown below.

Stock Research Report Right Click

Note: More information about Research Reports can be found here in our help or here in our blog.


Any ticker can be charted from the table by right-clicking on a row or ticker symbol. There is an option to chart the selected symbol or compare in the chart.



Any ticker can be displayed in the Insight Panel from the table by right-clicking on a row or ticker symbol. Select the “Insight” option and it will switch the display to the Insight Panel.


Adding to Portfolios and Watchlists

A ticker can be added to any portolio or watchlist directly from the table. To add to a portfolio right-click on any row or ticker symbol and select ‘Trade in Portfolio’.


To add to a watchlist right-click on any row or ticker symbol and select ‘Add to Watchlist..’


Tagging, Coloring, and Commenting

The table has the ability to tag, color, or comment on any ticker symbol. To do this, right-click on any row or symbol and select ‘Tag’, ‘Color’ or ‘Comment.


As seen in the screenshot below, it display examples of the different options with the ticker highlighted in green, the Comments column with the sample comment, and the ability to group by the tags set.


Creating Alerts

The table allows you to set up an alert by right-clicking on any row or ticker symbol and selecting ‘Create Alert’.


Once selected it will bring up the Create Alert window. For further information on creating alerts see Alerts section.


Showing Peers

To display the peers of any ticker, right-click on any row or ticker and select ‘Show Peers’, this will then display the peers of the selected ticker in the table.


Research Links

Selecting Research Links displays a list of links to outside investment research websites. Clicking on a link brings you to that website in another tab in your browser.


Selecting Manage Research Links launches a window which lists all the available links. This is where you can add more links to the current list. You can also edit existing links and remove links. To add a link to your links section, highlight it on the left and hit the ‘Add’ button.

Add button

If you’d like to add a link that is not already in the system, click the ‘Add Custom Link’ button at the top. This will bring up a window where where you can enter either a fixed URL or a URL that will respond to the selected ticker. For a ticker-responsive URL, use a dollar sign in place of the ticker symbol in the URL. Then, clicking on that link will bring you to specific information about whatever ticker you have selected in Stock Rover.


To edit an existing link, highlight the link under the ‘Your Links’ section in the Research Links window and click the edit icon next to the link.


This will bring up a window where you can edit the link name and URL, as well as test it to make sure it works.

Hiding a Row

Rows can be hidden from the table. If you want to hide any rows you can right click on the row or ticker and select ‘Hide Row’. This will remove the row from the table.


Rows that are hidden can be unhidden. To unhide a row, right-click on the ticker column and select ‘Hide Tickers’ from the pull down menu and uncheck the hidden tickers. Here you can also hide any additional tickers from the table.


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