Grey Selector Menu

All of Stock Rover’s features and capabilities are accessible from the vertical grey selector menu located on the left side of the screen. The grey selector menu is separated into six separate sections. There is also a search box at the top to provide easy searchable access to product features, user creations such as portfolios, watchlists and screeners, and to individual tickers.

grey bar


The search bar allows you to search for anything in the Stock Rover tool by keyword or ticker. This is a powerful capability that will search through Stock Rover and display all instances of your search term in your environment. For example, if you search for a specific ticker it will list the portfolios, watchlists and/or alerts associated with the ticker. Or, if you search by a keyword like “portfolio”, the results will display all the different tools having to do with portfolios and selecting a result will bring you directly to the panel for that result.


You can read more about the details of Search in the Using Search Help Section.

Today’s Market

Today’s Market sections has three separate features. First is the Dashboard, where you can display detailed information regarding your portfolios and the individual holdings within your portfolios. The second is Markets where you can get a plethora of information on current market activity including domestic and foreign markets, key stocks, ETFs, bonds, commodities and daily analysts ratings. The third item is News, both for the market and on individual companies.

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The Display section allows you to select which panels will be displayed in the main screen. Selecting Table, Chart, or Insight brings that panel to the center screen and hides the other panels. Selecting All returns all panels to the screen.

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The Management section allows you to manage your Portfolios, Screeners, and Watchlists. If you select Portfolios, then the items listed would be the individual portfolios for your account. For Screeners, the items would be the list of screeners in your account. Portfolios, Screeners and Watchlists each have an associated management window that allows you to manage individual portfolios, screeners or watchlists.

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More Goodies

This section provides additional tools to help with investment research and notifications: Stock Ratings, Ideas Panel, Earnings Calendar, and Alerts.

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This section provides resources to help you use Stock Rover more effectively. This includes the Metric Browser, Investor’s Library and Help.

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Bookmarks allow you to customize the Grey Selector menu with the parts of Stock Rover that you use most often and want quick access to.

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Please see Bookmarks help for more detail.

The Premium Trial Screen Layout