Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop is a feature that allows you to move rows and columns easily within the table. Drag and Drop also allows you to control the order of tickers in the quotes list as well as the order of portfolios in the portfolio list, and likewise the order of watchlists and the order screeners. You can also drag tickers from the table into a watchlist or portfolio in the Navigation panel.

To drag a row in the Table, click on its ticker or name cell (leftmost column) and hold down the mouse to drag-and-drop the row into a different position. You can also drag and drop columns in the Table. Just click and hold a column header to move that column to a new spot.

When you’re in the ‘All’ layout, you can chart a ticker simply by dragging it from the Table into the Chart.

You can also drag a ticker from the Table into a watchlist or portfolio in the Navigation panel (make sure the Watchlist and/or Portfolio folders are expanded). If you drag a ticker into a portfolio, you’ll be prompted to enter a quantity, with options to modify the buy price and date.

Also within the navigation panel itself with Quotes, Portfolios, Watchlists, or Screeners expanded you can drag and drop a specific item and reorder the list of Quotes, Portfolios, Watchlists, or Screeners.


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