Customizing the Dashboard


The Dashboard can be customized to suit your needs. You can decide which sections you want to include. You can also change the order of appearance, by moving the sections up and down. In that way to can lead with the sections that have the most importance to you. You can also decide which of your portfolios are displayed in the dashboard. Additionally, you have the ability create and manage your portfolios via the dashboard. For free users, this is the only place for performing portfolio management.

Moving/Remove Sections

In the screenshot below you can see the options to move a section up or down in the dashboard or if you would like to remove the section entirely. To access this menu you want to click the hamgurger menu on the right of the section and select the action you would like to perform.

Moving Sections

This screenshot shows the ability on how to select what you would like to be included in the dashboard from the list of available sections. This is the option you would you use if you removed a section and then would like to add it back.

Moving Sections

Add/Remove Portfolios

The Dashboard contains several sections where it shows your portfolio details. As you can see in the two screenshots below, portfolios can be selected by clicking the “Portfolios” button in the top left corner of the dashboard or by clicking the hamburger menu on the right of the section. In both options you will select the portfolios you would like to see in the Dashboard.

Note there is a limit on the number of portfolios that can be selected in the dashboard, depending on the plan. See our compare plan page for more details.


Create/Manage Portfolios

The dashboard has portfolio management capabilities. As you can see in the two screenshots below, portfolios can be created by clicking on the Actions button or clicking the portfolio folder and selecting ‘Create Portfolio’. For more information on creating portfolios, please see our portfolio help.


Management for your portfolios is performed by right clicking on an existing portfolio or by hovering on over the portfolio and clicking on the down arrow that appears on the hover. Either action will display a new menu, which is highlighted by the red box in the image below. The menu allows you to do a variety of operations on your existing portfolios, including modifying your portfolio positions. This can be achieved by either manually editing your positions or by importing a new positions file from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. You can also rename, copy or delete any of your portfolios. Portfolios can also be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.


Selecting Return Time Period

The Dashboard contains several sections that display portfolio returns at different levels of detail. The time period selection for these sections is available at the top of the dashboard, as seen in the screenshot below.


What’s in the Dashboard