The Chart

Click ‘Chart’ in the top right of the screen to access the chart. The item that is selected in on the left side of the screen will be charted, but you can add additional items to the chart by clicking the ‘+’ icon at the top of the Table (circled below) and searching for a ticker to add. You can also add to the chart by long-pressing any ticker on the left-side of the screen, or through the long-press menu in the table or Navigation panel.

charting in the tablet app

Change the time period by tapping on the buttons at the bottom of the chart. You can zoom in and out of the Chart by pinching with two fingers. The chart will re-scale itself depending on the direction in which you pinch your fingers.

Crosshairs appear when you drag your finger inside the chart (see image below). To turn off the crosshairs, tap the button in the top right of the chart (circled below).

adding crosshairs

To restore the crosshairs, tap the button again. Note that, when zoomed in, you will not be able to scroll to non-visible parts of the chart without first disabling the crosshairs. After disabling the crosshairs, you will be able to scroll to different parts of the zoomed-in chart by dragging your finger.

If you have many items charted, note that the ticker legend is scrollable by dragging.

Tap the ticker symbol in Chart legend for the options to either remove it from the chart or set it as a baseline, shown in the image below.

tapping a ticker

Tap on an option once to perform that action. To exit the menu without selecting either option, tap outside of the menu.

Benchmarks, Events, Technicals, and Fundamentals can be charted by selecting from the buttons at the top. Like in the web app, only one fundamental can be charted at a time, but it will apply to all items that are charted. Also like in the web app, any technicals that are charted will apply only to the primary ticker, or the ticker that is in the leftmost position in the legend (see image below).

charting technicals

You can change the periods or otherwise change the settings for certain technicals by tapping a gear button in the technicals menu, outlined in the red box below.

editing technicals

When you select that button, an information box like the one shown below will appear with a description of the technical and fields that can be edited. Once you are finished editing these fields, click away from the information box and the changes will be implemented.

technical information box

The Table Watchlists