Summary Views

In the screenshot below, this shows the Insight panel on the right hand side with the “All” layout selected in the left hand grey selector menu. With the Summary tab selected you will see an array of information associated to the row selected in the table. In this example you can see a ticker selected and it displays the info related to this ticker.


In the screenshot below, it shows the Summary tab with “Insight” selected in the left hand grey selector menu. This shows the panel fully expanded and you are able to view the information about the selected ticker on one large view. As seen in the screenshot you can change the item selected in the left hand bar by clicking another ticker or selected the drop down menu, highlighted below.


Views with Portfolios selected

Displayed in the screenshot below, with a portfolio selected the summary tab info changes and shows the top movers and the portfolio allocation broken down by equity type.


The portfolio allocation allows you to drill down on the Stock allocation and get even deeper to see the allocation broken down by sector as well. See screenshot below.


Research Links

If you scroll to the bottom of the Summary tab in the Insight Panel, you will find a list of links to outside investment research websites. Clicking on a link brings you to that website in another tab in your browser. When applicable, you will be taken directly to that stock’s page.

When a website listed requires a login, a cash icon appears next to the website name (circled in red in screenshot below)

Cash Symbols

To add another link to this list, click the ‘Manage’ button at the top of the section. See image below.


This will bring up the Research Links window, which has a list of all links built into Stock Rover, as well as those currently included under your Links. To add a link to your links section, highlight it on the left and hit the ‘Add’ button.

Add button

If you’d like to add a link that is not already in the system, click the ‘Add Custom Link’ button at the top. This will bring up a window where where you can enter either a fixed URL or a URL that will respond to the selected ticker. For a ticker-responsive URL, use a dollar sign in place of the ticker symbol in the URL. Then, clicking on that link will bring you to specific information about whatever ticker you have selected in Stock Rover.


To edit an existing link, highlight the link under the ‘Your Links’ section in the Research Links window and click the ‘Modify’ button at the bottom.


This will bring up a window where you can edit the link name and URL, as well as test it to make sure it works.

Selecting Ticker for Panel EPS