Import a Screener

In Stock Rover, it is possible to import a Screener that was previously exported from Stock Rover. The file will be in .txt format. You can also import screeners from the Investors’ Library. To import a screener that is stored on your computer, right-click on Screeners in the navigation panel and select ‘Import Screener’ or with Screeners selected in the panel go to Actions, select ‘Screeners’ and then select ‘Import Screener’

right-click screener in navigation panelright-click screener in navigation panel

This will bring up a window where you can navigate to the file that you want to import. Once you have found the file,the screener’s contents will load in the manager. After ensuring that Stock Rover read the screener correctly, click ‘Import’ and it will be added under ‘Screeners’ in the Navigation panel.

importing a screener

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