Future Income Overview

The Future Income Tool is included in our Premium and Premium Plus subscription plans.

The Future Income Tool projects your future dividend income on a monthly basis for the portfolios you select. The monthly income in turn is computed from the individual stocks, ETFs and mutual funds you own.

The computation is based on recent dividend payment history. The projection assumes no increase or decrease to the current dividend rate a company, ETF or fund pays. Companies for the most part try to increase dividends over time, so the projections can often be considered conservative.

On the other hand, companies, ETFs and funds can vary dividends. Also companies, when under financial stress, can cut dividends sharply or eliminate them, so there may be situations where the projections are optimistic. It really depends on what a portfolio holds.

Future Income appears as a new item in the Portfolio Tools section in the grey selector menu as shown below.

Future Income Selection

When you select Future Income from the grey selector menu on the left side of Stock Rover, you are presented with a display with two sections: the Navigation Panel which lists the available and selected portfolios, and the Future Income Table. You can see this in the screenshot above.

Navigation Panel