Create a Screener

There are several different ways to create a new screener. The first way is to select ‘Create Screener’ after searching for it in the Search bar.

create new screener through task wizard

You can also create a new screener by right-clicking on ‘Screeners’ in the Navigation panel and selecting ‘Create Screener’ or with Screeners selected in the Navigation panel and then go to the Actions menu on the top of the table and then select ‘Create Screener’.

Screener's drop-down menuScreener's drop-down menu

The final way to create a screener is to save Table filters as a screener. If you have any filters in place in the Table, you can click the ‘Actions’ button in the Table’s toolbar, mouseover ‘Save As’ and select ‘Save Filter As Screener‘ from the drop-down menu. To learn more about Table filters, see the Table filters help pages section.

saving Table filters

Any of the above methods will bring up the create screener window (shown below). Here you select whether it will be a stock screen or ETF screener via the Equity Type selector. You can also select the Universe from which to screen. For example: the Major US Listings, the S&P 500 only or All Exchanges.

You can also select whether to rank the passing stocks in the screener according to ranking weighting that you provide. Finally you can add the actual criteria of the screener either as simple filters (e.g. Market Cap > 20 billion) and/or as more complex equations. Note equations is a Premium Plus only feature.

A final note; when you change the Equity Type to ETF, it also changes the available criteria to include dozens of ETF specific measures such as Expense Ratio and Morningstar Ratings.

the screener manager

Once you click ‘Add Criteria’ it will bring up a new window (shown below) where you can select a metric or multiple metrics, either by navigating through the folders or by using the search box. You can set the criteria for a metric and then select the next metric. As soon as you select another metric, the value you added for the prior metric is automatically recorded. This process speeds data entry. Once all the metrics are specified, you can click the OK button to see all the you specified in a list in the main create screener window.

the screener manager

Note that you can see how many stocks pass the screener as you adjust the screener’s values. You can also get a preview of some the tickers that pass the screener. This is a time-saver over many other screening tools that require you to select all of your criteria and values prior to seeing how many stocks pass the screener.

the screener manager

The Membership metric has an exclusion option. If ‘Exclude Selections’ is checked and then certain memberships are checked it will display all the memberships except for the ones checked.

Screener Exclusion

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