The chart in the phone user interface is a similar but pared-down version of the chart found in our tablet interface and web app. You can find the chart whenever you swipe left on an open item. Usually, the chart is in the third position.

Use the menu at the bottom of the chart to change the time period shown. Unlike in the web and tablet apps, it is not possible to zoom in or set a custom time period for the chart. You can add in a benchmark or comparison ticker by tapping the plus icon in the top right corner of the screen, pointed out below.

add to chart

That will open up the following screen, where you can enter a comparison ticker, or select from the list of indices or dependent benchmarks. To keep the chart readable, you can only select one other line to be charted in addition to the primary line. Once you select an item, the chart will instantly re-load with the added line.

add to chart

Also notice in the above image that you can toggle to a technicals menu, where you can select from a simple moving average, exponential moving average, or Bollinger Bands. Instead of adding a comparison line, you could add in one of those technical indicators.

To remove a comparison line or technical indicator, again tap the plus icon on the chart. You will then see a page like the one shown below, where you can edit the comparison line, remove it, or set one of the lines in the chart as a baseline.

change line

Another way set a line as a baseline in the chart is to simply tap its name in the legend. For example, in the screenshot below, MA’s industry is set as a baseline.


The baseline setting makes the relative performance of two items crystal clear. To undo the baseline setting, just tap its name again.

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