How do I cancel my Premium membership?

To cancel your membership, first login to your Stock Rover account. Then from within Stock Rover, click the down arrow next your username in the top right corner of Stock Rover, and then select Change Plan as shown in the screenshot below.

Cancel Plan

The window as shown below will display. From there you can select Cancel Stock Rover.

If you have a Research Reports subscription, which is a separate subscription, and wish to cancel that as well, be sure to also check the Cancel Research Reports box, which is below the Cancel Stock Rover box.

Cancel Plan

Please note, that after you’ve cancelled, you will still be able to use the services for which you have contracted through the rest of your paid subscription period. After that, your account will revert to our Free account.

Also note that we do not issue refunds. If there is something we can do to keep you as a customer, please let us know.

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