Can I change the default set of views for the Table?

Yes. Views, and the columns within each view, may be added, removed, and rearranged.

Clicking on the drop-down menu for a view provides options to create a new view, or modify, rename, copy, delete, or move the position of the View. If you click ‘Create,’ the Create View wizard will open, providing a list of available columns to add to the view. Selecting ‘Modify a View,’ will open the Change Table Columns wizard, where you can modify the columns and column order.

Within a view, columns may be rearranged by clicking on the column header, holding down the mouse button, and dragging the column to its new position. A set of blue arrows above and below the column headers will indicate the new position for the column as you are dragging it—release the mouse button to drop the column into place. Please note that the first column of each View is set to Ticker, and cannot be moved.

For additional details on views, see Views in the How To Guide, or watch the brief Views and Columns tutorial in the Stock Rover Video Library.

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