Tickers and Quotes


Any ticker can be charted from the table by right-clicking on a row or ticker symbol. There is an option to chart the selected symbol or compare in the chart.


Adding to Portfolios and Watchlists

A ticker can be added to any portolio or watchlist directly from the table. To add to a portfolio right-click on any row or ticker symbol and select ‘Trade in Portfolio’.


To add to a watchlist right-click on any row or ticker symbol and select ‘Add to Watchlist..’


Showing Peers

To display the peers of any ticker, right-click on any row or ticker and select ‘Show Peers’, this will then display the peers of the selected ticker in the table.


Tagging, Coloring, and Commenting

The table has the ability to tag, color, or comment on any ticker symbol. To do this, right-click on any row or symbol and select ‘Tag’, ‘Color’ or ‘Comment.


As seen in the screenshot below, it display examples of the different options with the ticker highlighted in green, the Comments column with the sample comment, and the ability to group by the tags set.


Creating Alerts

The table allows you to set up an alert by right-clicking on any row or ticker symbol and selecting ‘Create Alert’.


Once selected it will bring up the Create Alert window. For further information on creating alerts see Alerts section.


Adding quotes to the Table

Within the table there is an option to access the Quotes box, see the Quotes box on the top right of the table. Here you can pull the down the box and add tickers to the table directly.


Removing quotes from the Table

Tickers can be removed from the quotes box directly from the table. If you have any bold tickers in the table view you can right click on the row or ticker and select ‘Remove from Quotes List’. This will remove the ticker from the table and the quotes box.


Hide Row

Rows can be hidden from the table. If you want to hide any rows you can right click on the row or ticker and select ‘Hide Row’. This will remove the row from the table.


Rows that are hidden can be unhidden. To unhide a row, right-click on the ticker column and select ‘Hide Tickers’ from the pull down menu and uncheck the hidden tickers. Here you can also hide any additional tickers from the table.


Adding Notes Actions Menu