The Premium Trial

When you first sign up for Stock Rover, you automatically begin with our two week, no-obligation, no-credit card trial of Stock Rover. The trial begins with the Premium Plus plan, but you can change the plan you experience as described in the next section.

After the trial period, if you decide not to sign up for one of the Stock Rover Premium Plans, your account will automatically revert to a free Stock Rover account.

Changing the Trial Type

You can experience each of the three Stock Rover paid subscription plans or the free plan during your Premium trial period. You can also change between the four plans as much as you like. By default you start with the Premium Plus plan, which is the most capable of the four plans. However if you want to trial the Premium plan, the Essentials plan and/or the Free plan, you can do so.

To change your trial plan, find your account name in the top right hand corner of Stock Rover. Then select the little down arrow to get the account menu. From there select Change Trial. Note the Change Trial option is only available when you are running the Premium trial.

change trial

Then you can choose which plan you want to trial.

change trial

Trial Limitations

Due to a licensing restriction with our data providers, Premium Trial members are not able to export the Table to a CSV file.

Premium Trial users are not able to run unlimited Research Reports. Research Reports can be run on all of the Dow 30 tickers, plus 20 additional tickers.

Premium Trial users are limited to five Stock Ratings reports.

Finally Premium Trial user can not import Screeners, Portfolios or Watchlists which have been exported in Stock Rover format from another account.

All other Premium Plus features are available to Premium Trial members. In addition, Premium Trial members have free access to email support.

What Happens When The Trial Ends?

You have 14 days to run your trial. After the 14 days, your trial will automatically revert to our free version. There is no automatic charge at the end of the trial. The Stock Rover Trial process is completely free from start to finish.

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