Tablets and Phones

The full Stock Rover product is available on tablets and phones. This means all of the power and capability in our desktop app is fully available when you are on the go with your tablet or phone. Accessing the app is easy. Simply log into the Stock Rover web site, using your favorite browser on your phone or tablet. Stock Rover will recognize that you are on a tablet or phone and render the app accordingly.

In order to make the tablet and phone user interface as streamlined and simple as possible, there are a few minor areas of functionality differences between the mobile UI and the full Stock Rover desktop/laptop web application. The list is as follows:

  • Popup windows are not resizable.
  • Drag and drop is not supported. In the desktop version of Stock Rover, drag and drop works in tables, the navigation panel and the quotes list.
  • There is no ability to detach a panel to a separate window.
  • A Long Press replaces Right-Click to bring up a context menu. However this does not work in the navigation panel and in the table. The Actions menu in top menu bar will provide all
    of the same functions.
  • The Earnings Calendar does not include the calendar and quotes buttons, the exchanges and the market cap selections, and the include all or quotes option.

For more detail on the Tablet, please take a look the following blog post.

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